Lady Gaga Explains Her “We Are The World” No-Show

Feb 5th, 2010 // 20 Comments

Lady Gaga appears to be scaling down her to-do list after a bout of exhaustion caused her to cancel a handful of live dates last month. Despite reports that she’d be involved, the Grammy winner surprisingly never showed up for the all-star recording of “We Are The World,” which is being released to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

“I’ve actually been in rehearsal for my new tour, but I was never supposed to do ‘We Are The World.’ So that’s a rumor,” Gaga told Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush. So why, exactly, did she sit the recording out?

“I believe that they may have asked, yes, about it, but I was unable to do it,” the singer explained. “And I’ve been working on my own charity projects for Haiti. We’ve raised over half a million dollars for Haiti already and we like to work specifically with charities that are based in Haiti itself.”

Last month on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Lady Gaga first revealed that she’d be donating all proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales from her January 24 New York City concert to Haiti relief.

“I donated all of the proceeds from one show worth of ticket sales as well as all the of the merchandise from that show and for 24 hours we had a ‘Gaga for Haiti’ day where everything that was bought on the Web site… every dollar went to Haiti,” she said. “We’re continuing to work on more projects and we’re supposed to go to Haiti later this year for a show, which is very exciting.”

Well, looks like “We Are The World” will be nearly all-inclusive (see the full roster of artists who took part here)—save for all but one of Earth’s quirkiest inhabitants.

  1. arona

    lady ga goo looks old i thought she was much older than 23

  2. chanel456

    lady gaga is the best i want 2 see her conert but no ticket

  3. everythingiswrong

    i think lady gaga is a freak and that she needs to tone it down a bit. i understand that she might not to be a roll model but she sould be a little more “lady like”….dont you think? i know this is her style but i mean common she acts like a whor where ever she is

  4. maggie

    Shut Up !! You don't know her!! She is truly a talented genius and her style is all her own.

    Do you think Elton John comes out to the Grammy's to play with just anybody??

    I don't think so!!

  5. KL

    Yes, he does. Remember Eminem? Ugh. And he's more attractive and less manly than that chick.

  6. angie

    well maybe you ignorants should stop critzig her, she had the tour, she's busy!
    But if she had time she would of done a terrific job

  7. I love her, but why is she on the most influential list?

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  13. So such spam above me…

    Anyways, Gaga is awesome – she deserved to be in the Time’s most influential list. “We are the world” is a great idea.

  14. LEAVE LADY GA GA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. ali

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