Listen To Alex Gardner’s “I’m Not Mad” (And Don’t Call Him Calvin Harris)

Last month we did a Popping Up profile on Scottish crooner Alex Gardner, who’s been working on his debut album for the past year with British hitmaking team Xenomania. To promote his upcoming single “I’m Not Mad,” the baby-faced 18-year-old hit up UK radio station Hallam FM, where he answered a barrage of questions—and slightly bristled at a comparison to fellow Scot, Calvin Harris. (What, aren’t the similarities to Susan Boyle also as plain as day?)

Hop below to see learn more about Alex Gardner, and to hear “I’m Not Mad” in full.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Alex Gardner – I’m Not Mad” dl=”0″]

“The backing track is as dancy as Calvin Harris, but the singing is as soulful as, I don’t know, a soul singer, I guess,” Gardner replied, when asked if he feels “I’m Not Mad” sounds like a Calvin Harris song. “Hopefully it’s different.”

We think so, Alex! He also gave a bit of info about his upcoming LP.

“My album’s very versatile,” he said. “Everything is on there. I’ve got reggae tracks, rock tracks, blues tracks, drum-driven tracks, bass-driven tracks, ballads. Everything. You want it, I’ve got it.”

Here’s the full interview: