Hear “Suburban Decay,” The Song Adam Lambert Thinks Is Perfect For ‘Twilight’

Feb 5th, 2010 // 27 Comments

In early December, pop glamazon Adam Lambert put it out there that his unreleased track “Suburban Decay” would be perfect for a movie soundtrack—like the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. “It just didn’t quite fit [in my album]. It’s very theatrical,” he told MTV. “It’s very campy, and it was just a bit too campy for the album as a big picture.”

Campy? Sure. After all, according to the site American Idol 360, the upbeat rock jam was penned by Justin Hawkins, former frontman for The Darkness. (Hawkins also wrote Adam’s “Music Again,” which did make the cut for For Your Entertainment.)

So does “Suburban Decay” have the chops to take a bite out of the next Twilight flick? Hop below to hear Justin Hawkins’ demo and determine for yourself!

Overall, we’re not getting that much of a bloodsucker vibe. But a kickass, Freddie-Mercury-would-be-proud vibe? Absolutely.

What do you think of  “Suburban Decay”?


  1. Paula A

    I love this song. It's fabulous with Justin Hawkins but I think Adam Lambert would shoot this song into the stratosphere. The words would so play into a vampire flick.

  2. ameuygnix

    This song makes me feel so sorry that Adam missed the 70s and the 80s. He'd be already so huge with rock songs like this, for he takes them to where most singers cannot go. Today's radios are simply filled with auto tunes and tween-driven pop vibes. Sigh.

    Love it. Would totally buy and wear out my iPod.

    If I get my wish, I'd cast Adam as a vampire, and have him sing this one in the movie story. Like, the singing vampire :-)

  3. 1karen

    Should have been on the album… a little more bite, un peu less un peur hype – love your album, would love more with a little wise adjustment; tempo was too even – this song would have added alota spice (since you asked.)

  4. ianaleah

    This is rock and roll and yes, it would be terrific for Breaking Dawn, but maybe Adam should release this as a single instead of on a soundtrack. I just read a comment by someone that Time For Miracles will be an Oscar nominated song- this has not been verified

  5. kitty

    Love it!! Adam woulda killed it too!

  6. Kate

    This does sound like an Adam song. I bet he already sings this one in the shower!

  7. Jacki

    Wow! That song is AWESOME!! Adam would totally kill it!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he gets the chance to sing it for Twilight!

  8. HeidiK

    AHHHHH!!! Love it! Adam said that this would probably be on an EP along with remixes of FYE and WWFM-definately going to buy

  9. ianaleah

    Good ol Rock n Roll, oh yeah, I like it for sure.

  10. CD

    I think it would be very suitable for Twilight, the atmosphere, the feeling.

    Personally I think the new album For Your Entertainment is very good as it is right now. It tells a whole story and the album manages to avoid cliches and combines itself as a whole piece of art work.

  11. Wilykit

    Suburban Decay, Down the Rabbit Hole, Master Plan, all great tracks, better than some of the tracks on the album, shame really, I don't quite understand the logic. Really want to hear Voodoo, I have a feeling that's also going to be amazing!

  12. QS loves M

    I love Adam and most of his music. I like parts of this song, not sure I like all of it. It may be one of those songs that would grow on me the more I listen to it, but my first impression is mixed.

  13. Jake

    I will never understand why they chose FYE as the debut single. If they wanted an umptemo, the other uptempos are way more solid. Sony/RCA are out of their minds if they think FYE being the lead single over here in the UK will help him break through. Should have been Music Again, Soaked. Followed by Fever, Sleepwalker, WWFM, Strut etc. His management are so thick.

  14. Can definitely see how this song will work well for Adam~can't wait to hear his version!

  15. coloforadam

    Love the song – great ragin' rock sound. Adam would knock it out….can see why he said it just did not quite “fit” on FYE – if he does a total rock album next time, this would be killer great!!

  16. anon

    I can't believe this isnt on the album. This is pure Adam. What is going on?

  17. Oddy

    Love it. Perfect song for him. Not keen on Voodoo though. Sounds a bit like the old Durnan, Duran.

  18. Oddy

    Love it. It's a perfect song for Adam. But I'm not keen on Voodoo. Sounds too commercial, too much like Duran, Duran.

  19. Oddy

    Perfect for Adam.

  20. Deb

    Adam would be awesome singing this song!! I also think that his version of “Ring of Fire” would be killer choice for a future movie soundtrack!! Anyone else agree??

  21. very nice i love to hear it, Perfect song

  22. emileigh haleigh

    this song is amazing. i’ve listened to it a million or so times already, and every time i hear it i put adam’s voice in it. this song is perfect for eclipse, they just don’t know what they’re missing. i would’ve actually watched eclipse had adam’s immaculate voice been in it. you screwed up BAD, eclipse crew.
    Anyways, this song is just great. i cant wait until the day some more deserving movie sountrack crew gets their head out of the clouds long enough to realize how great this song would be if theyadded it to their movie.

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