Joe Jackson Turns Michael Jackson’s Death Into A Conspiracy Theory

Feb 9th, 2010 // 10 Comments

Joe Jackson went on Larry King Live last night to discuss the charges against Dr. Conrad Murray, now released on $75,000 bail. “I didn’t like those charges. He got off too easy,” the Jackson patriarch told King, adding that he believes his son’s death involved “other people” besides Murray, who he says is simply “the fall guy.” Is Michael Jackson the new JFK? Watch the vid below to hear Joe’s paranoid ramblings:

According to Joe Jackson, Murray did not act alone. “There’s other people involved with this whole thing, but I think that [Murray is] interrogated, he would come clean and tell everything he knows.”

LaToya Jackson agrees with her father. In a statement read by King, LaToya claims, “Michael was murdered, and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was a part of a much larger plan. I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served.”

So what would motivate someone (or some people) to assassinate the King of Pop? Joe claims that Michael knew he would be murdered because others suspected he couldn’t finish all 50 dates of his This Is It concert at London’s 02 arena. “Michael said it himself that he would be killed, he told his mother that,” says Joe. “He was afraid to do all of these shows because he was afraid he wouldn’t have a chance because he couldn’t. You can’t do all those shows back to back. Even his kids said he had told them he would be murdered.”

We’re not sure of Joe’s logic here. So what he is implying is that AEG Live, the concert promoter that invested $30 million in production of the show, feared that Jackson would bail out on the dates and leave them holding the bag—so they conjured up a plot to kill him? You have to wonder if Joe Jackson is familiar with insurance. And even if AEG was concerned about Jackson’s ability and/or interest in playing all the shows, they had to be betting that any performance he did do would be endlessly marketable on, oh, we don’t know, DVD?

So who are the mysterious “other people” Joe believes were involved in his superstar son’s death? Joe has no idea, but he insists these culprits are real. King asks Jackson who to blame besides Murray, and he replies, “All those people that was involved with Michael. I don’t know exactly what all those names are, but there are a slew of them…All of those guys are no good guys as far as I’m concerned.”

Although he maintains that Murray is just the fall guy, he still isn’t satisfied with the charge of involuntary manslaughter. “Justice to me would be the murder charge.”

Could there be a conspiracy here? Nothing about Michael Jackson’s life or death would surprise us at this point.  But Joe’s claims that there were more malicious forces at work besides Murray’s negligence would be more accountable if he had much more solid proof to back it up. Mostly, he’s going on hearsay and gut feelings. It looks to us that his incessant plea for “justice” is really a plea for attention.

[Via NY Mag, CNN]


  1. Shae

    I think there may be some truth to what Joe is saying…MJ was in heavy debt and I think they may need to look at Colony Capital which assumed the loan for Neverland and at AEG who are owned by the same person. Follow the money trail…”They” new that he would need the propofol, he used it on his last tour. Its more to the story and I pray that all the truth is revealed….

  2. barbara61

    You are very ignorant! Watch Jermaine Jackson's video on You tube people, don't listen to this tabloid garbage. Watch Michael's videos and listen to his message. They don't care about us was a message!!! Wake up and learn about the media control in this world. Search Google and read about the New World Order and the Illuminati and you will find out who killed Michael Jackson and several other celebrities, presidents and people who became a threat to their grand plan.

  3. illana

    Joe, your son was on drugs for years….Does this tells you anything?
    You right…a murder conspiracy will sell better than a death caused by drugs.Let your son RIP and stop with all the “mascarada”.

  4. AFan1

    Them involved are, The heads of AEG like Randy Philip which on the comentary of This Is It said “Mike drove me crazy” then added but i loved him. Then there is Frank Deleo Mikes
    old manager that he fired a few years back, That all of a sudden came back into the picture, Plus the day before Mike died he was leaveing the dr office like he did a lot the last few days of his life and said to his fans when asked if he was excited about the show. ” I went to bed knowing i sold out 10 shows and woke up to fifty, I dont know how im going to do it. Im not a big eater.” AEG heard that and the plan went threw to kill mike. They would have lost out on money they putinto the shows, such as the giant hd screen for the 3d effects, stage props, camera equipment for the 3d movies, props. Let alone the refunds for all the tickets for the shows he didnt do. With the plan they had, to have all the rehearsal footage just in case “all diff camera angles, with the sets, costumes” and put out a full length movie of what the show would have looked like. Knowing that after his death more people would have watched the movie, more so than the show it self if he were alive. Plus theyare selling the memorbillia from the concert. So they knew what they were doing that dr is in so much debt him self they prolly promised him out of the hole he was in to do it. There is deff reasons to beleave that it was not an accident.

  5. Judy Morris

    I don't think it was an accident, I think it was planned and premeditated. They knew what they were doing. Michael was a sick man, they knew he couldn't do those concerts. They didn't care, they certainly didn't have Michael s best interest, they were only interested in making money, and they knew they could make a fist full of dollars if Michael died. So Murray gets four years if he is convicted, what a sham! It isn't enough. It seems that no matter what Michael could never win dead or alive. It is the sad reflection of what the world has become. I don't buy the drug addiction thing, it is too convenient. Is it going to be another Marilyn Monroe, a murder put down as accidental overdose? Is he going to be retried for his own death? Probably, Because He is Michael Jackson!

  6. Ryan

    Your Absolutly right, I very rarely agree with Joe Jackson on anything. Im a fan of Mikes and was following all the news and the things he was doing to prepair for his show. But when Michael died I knew there was something wrong with the whole situation, expesh when the day before his death he said that quote and showed that little doubt in himself and the show. Maybe he said that to tip people off just incase he did turn up dead. Instantly when I heard the news of his death I knew what might have happened and told my friends and family about what i thought and all of a sudden here is Joe and the rest of the family saying exactly what I thought had happend. But this artical is basicly turning this theory into a Jackson Joke when it has some base to it. Im shure they all got what they wanted now i just hope they loose it.

  7. Afan1

    Ryan = AFan1

  8. Michael Jackson is not dead. I have listed some proofs in my new hub

  9. Goodwill Phoenix Society

    When u see Murray coming, get out of the way screaming. Gentlemen…the saint was martyred-and not w/propofol. He was not aslepp-he had a fish face.

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