Sade March Onto ‘The Today Show’ To Perform “Soldier Of Love”

Feb 9th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Sade’s first album in ten years, Soldier Of Love, hit iTunes last night and already it’s the #1 record at the digital store. To promote the ten-song set, Sade performed the LP’s title song this morning on The Today Show. “I’ve just been staying ahead of the law, really,” the band’s frontwoman Sade Adu joked, when asked what she’s been doing for the past decade. “I’ve just been living my life, really, doing what you do and trying to just be part of the world.”

Well, taking a ten-year vacation is probably a snap when you’ve got cash from the sales of 50 million records steadily flowing into your bank account. Below the jump: Sade performing “Soldier Of Love.”

Meredith Vieira asked Adu about her 13-year-old daughter Ila appearing on the album. “She was quite nervous, actually, at first,” the singer replied. “But it was quite lovely, because she’s part of my life, and our world as a band.”

As for the singer’s return to music after a long break, the Washington Post comically notes in a review that “Sade should certainly appeal to anyone whose eardrums feel frazzled after nine seasons of American Idol… Most admirably, she remains immune to influence from the digital-age culture writ large.”

And that could well be the sweetest taboo.

  1. Wrongway Wrightfellow

    The wait is over and not a moment too soon. You go girl.

  2. Dave

    Oh, I have been waiting for Sade to come back such a long time!!! She now got more soulful voice and I definitely love it. I also watched the following clip right after Sade’s performance, song called ‘Take Me Away’ by Gemma Genazzano. She’s got very attractive voice color and is absolutely a sort of the music I have been looking forward to! Check out her debut CD, Si Me Quieres/If You Love Me. Good luck for both Sade and Gemma!!!

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