Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” Video Politely Uses Every Color Of The Rainbow

Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” music video is colorful, loud, vibrant, and a complete departure from the mostly depressing captivity scenarios and over-the-top war imagery of the previous videos from her Rated R singles. You saw the green screen photos of RiRi on set, now check out the “Rude Boy” video below:

Rihanna – “Rude Boy”

We’re digging the reggae-inflected jam, although the Bob Marley-meets-M.I.A. color explosion becomes a little hard on the eyes after awhile. Also, do we spy a Rocky Horror homage, or are Rihanna’s giant diembodied lips floating in the middle of the screen just a coincidence?



Actually, the more we think about it, it looks as though Melina, the video’s director, drew inspiration from a classic television sitcom for its color scheme:

Then again, perhaps they just looked at M.I.A.’s cover for Kala and said, “That’s a bingo.”


Eh? Either way, congrats on getting your groove thang back, Rihanna!

  • derrionmiller


  • derrionmiller

    hay booy

  • tanyacooper

    To be honest. This video jacks Beyonce's Video Phone. But I have noticed what when Beyonce does something, Rihanna emulates it completely but. Didn't Beyonce just do a bright video like this with this dancing?

  • sggg

    There is no reason for Rihanna to have copied Beyonce's Video Phone. It was panned as one of the worst videos of the year and it was a prime example of a recession-special.

    Furthermore, Video Phone barely has had an impact on the charts.

    Rihanna actually went back to her roots with this one — Caribbean colors, symbols, etc. Being someone of Barbadian and Trinidadian heritage myself, I can say that MIA has been trying to jack Caribbean style for years — although she is simply Sri Lankan.

    Anyone who says Rihanna is borrowing too much from MIA is a bit incorrect, don't you think?

  • rex3695

    i love this new MIA video