Adam Lambert Struts For AOL Sessions

Feb 12th, 2010 // 11 Comments

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta are set to rock New York City tonight with their concert for the Ryan, Rock My Town contest. Good for Idol-minded New Yorkers; bad for pretty much everyone else hoping to rush the stage and plant a slobbery wet one on their favorite singer (and get swiftly escorted off the premises by security). If you don’t live in the tri-state area, you don’t have to go completely without your Idol fix: all three finalists have AOL Sessions performances for your viewing pleasure.

Allison and Kris’ sessions can be viewed here, and Adam previously teased about his AOL Sessions on his Twitter, but now we can finally enjoy his five song mini-show. Catch his performances of “Strut” and “If I Had You” below:

Adam Lambert – “Strut”

Adam Lambert – “If I Had You”

Watch the rest of Adam’s set at AOL Sessions. This still not satisfied til you see him live? Well, if you live in New York or don’t mind spluring on plane fare, he’s performing an invite-only secret show this Monday in Manhattan. Enter i heart radio‘s contest to win tickets by channelling your inner Glambert and uploading a fierce photo of yourself on the site’s Facebook page. Hawt.


  1. tk

    OMG!!! He is the most BRILLIANT artist/singer I've seen in a VERY, VERY long time! Thank you AOL for that “mini-concert”!!! I can't wait to see him LIVE!!!!

  2. Anita

    Love these sessions. Adam's great!!!!

  3. susan

    Holy Crap Adam..just keep on keeping on A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!

  4. hmm

    I thought Soaked and IIHY were better tho.

  5. Martha

    Thanks AOL… and the band for such an incredible mini concert!
    I need to connect my computer to the TV screen ASAP…
    Adam is the most incredible performer and I will not stop watchin these sessions until I go to see him live at Fantasy Springs on February 27th… That is my valantine gift from my husband… who thinks I am CRAZY about ADAM….

  6. Adam is also performing in California at the Fantasy Springs casino – yay!!! It will be a fantastic venue, holds about 3500. I think they are close to sold out, but if they have any tickets it is going to be 2 hours of Adam!!! I can't wait!

  7. I forgot to mention the AOL session which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Thank you AOL!

  8. charles

    Fever and Strut are AMAZING! the band has never sounded so perfectly in synch with adam, he also isn't overshining the band, it's altogether super-wickedness! these version are better then the CD versions i hope they get released also cause i would buy these in a second, Adam is a mix of Davie Bowie, Glam Rock, and a bit Elvis. totally incredible best music and performances i've seen in a long time. really grear job! spread the word!

  9. So glad to get a chance to SEE Adam perform these songs. LOVE his CD!

  10. Karen.

    It was great, but I miss the naughty Adam. How bout grabbing Tommy's ass a little bit, just give us something!!

  11. danica

    Do yourself a favor and follow the link to the AOL Sessions – and watch Soaked. My god, it left me speechless, just speechless.

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