Lady Gaga Talks Fashion, Tweets A Photo Of Her With Alexander McQueen

Feb 12th, 2010 // 3 Comments

While Fashion Week is now underway in New York City, the design world learned it lost one of its major forces yesterday when news of Alexander McQueen’s death spread. (See a gallery of his memorable designs for various pop stars here.)

Lady Gaga, who was decked out in McQueen attire in her “Bad Romance” video, posted a photo of herself with the London designer on Twitter this morning. (See it below.) She also talked to CNN about the need to always wear outfits her fans can knock off.

Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga, as posted on Twitter this morning:

Lady Gaga Alexander McQueen“For me it’s important to always keep that connection with my fans,” Gaga told CNN when asked about choosing her outfits. “So no matter what I’m wearing—whether it’s high fashion and it was on the runway last week or it’s a leather jacket I found in a vintage shop—I need to create things and wear things that they can always replicate.”

In case you think she’s pulling your leg, here’s a gallery of Gaga’s monsters pimping her style.

That does it. We’re slipping into this number before heading to the grocery store this afternoon.

  1. esmeralda

    Gaga es una marioneta delos iluminados por dentro es mala

  2. esmeralda

    marioneta de los illuminati es malaaaaaa

  3. FAN1GAGA!!!!!!!!

    Amo a lady gaga ella es tan dulce… Es una persona muy muy buena canta bn compone una voz espectacular… no sigo poruqe puede k no acabe jaja Bexos FAN1GAGA LOVE GAGA DIE FOR GAGA

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