The Fray’s Video For “Syndicate” Has Us Running Back To Leona Lewis

Wow. You might have thought we took a leak in the Queen’s cup of Earl Grey with the reaction we got after suggesting Leona Lewis’ “I Got You” was a bit of a snooze. But we’re moving on, Leonites, because another bland pop tune got a video release today—just in time for our Friday afternoon nap! Hop below to watch The Fray’s “Syndicate.”

Actually, this isn’t too bad. Whoever stapled those bed sheets to the wall did a really amazing job.

In fact, this sort of makes us want to go up to the attic and dig out our very first student film. Although that one had a far better soundtrack. Seriously, nothing beats flicking on a strobe light and blowing up My Little Pony with firecrackers to the tune of “Baby Got Back.”