This Is The Sound Of Alex Gardner’s “Heartbreak”

Feb 15th, 2010 // Comment

Eighteen-year-old Xenomania protege Alex Gardner blogged last Friday that the music video for his debut single “I’m Not Mad” is set to premiere this week. While we wait for that epic—which looks to contain a bit of funhouse mirror action—we’ve already bent an ear toward the young Scottish singer-songwriter’s dreamy new tune “Heartbeak.” Have a listen after the jump.

[wpaudio url="" text="Alex Gardner - Heartbreak" dl="0"]

Quite simply, this sounds like Xenomania’s Brian Higgins in peak form, production-wise. Alex himself is also giving off a bit of an Enrique Iglesias vibe with the crooning.

As for the moody track itself, it doesn’t sound too dissimilar from Pet Shop Boys’ “The Way It Used To Be,” which appeared on the duo’s Xenomania-produced 2009 album Yes.

“My album’s very versatile,” Gardner recently explained to UK radio station Hallam FM. “Everything is on there. I’ve got reggae tracks, rock tracks, blues tracks, drum-driven tracks, bass-driven tracks, ballads. Everything. You want it, I’ve got it.”

Nice. Here’s hoping each one is as up to scratch as the A+ “Heartbreak” and “I’m Not Mad.”

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