Today In ‘Idol’: Adam Lambert Is A Ke$ha Fan

Feb 16th, 2010 // 4 Comments

:: Tonight is the contestants’ last chance to impress the judges with a song of their choice before the Top 24 are picked. Some of the semifinalists will be announced tonight, the rest tomorrow night. [Vote For The Worst]

:: Idol alumni Mikalah Gordon, Anoop Desai and Diana DeGarmo give their take on Hollywood Week and defend the group rounds. [OK!]

:: Here are seven ways to breathe new life into American Idol. (They forgot #8: rename it The X Factor.) [Idol Tracker]

:: Joe’s Place gives American Idol a mid-term report card: average, with room for improvement. [Joe's Place]

:: Idol‘s best soundbite machine, Kellie Pickler, visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about stalking Fergie in Nashville with her grandpa. Somebody make this into a buddy comedy, stat! [Zap 2 It]

:: Adam Lambert caught a Ke$ha performance at a gay club in NYC Saturday night, though based on this on-scene source, it appears club-goers would have preferred that Adam took the mic instead. [E! Online]

:: Did you not win tix to Adam’s invite-only concert in New York last night? No problem — MJsbigblog has video from the first few rows. Adam apparently started “Whataya Want From Me” four times before he was finally happy with how it sounded. (It also didn’t help that a fan was yakking on her cell phone while he was trying to perform.) Behind the jump, watch the version that finally satisfied him.

  1. LuvinAdam

    This was such a beautiful arrangement of Adam's song. Thank you Adam (& band) for having the vision and the gifted vocals to make this beautiful version of your song.

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