Dandy Andy Hunt For A Naughty Disco Romp With “My Lonely Valentine”

Feb 17th, 2010 // Comment

With dance jam “My Lonely Valentine,” Dandy Andy have swizzed up the best boozy ode to the single life since Ke$ha last put a shaky pen to paper. And, no, that pic of the old folks basking in the sun isn’t Dandy Andy—it’s just one of the random photos tucked away on the Paris-based DJ collective’s MySpace.

Slip on your Merlot goggles and take an anonymous, tipsy romp through the city via the “My Lonely Valentine” video, after the jump.

“My Lonely Valentine” features the vocals of New York singer Carmen Castro. And given the things-are-not-what-they-seem nature of Dandy Andy, let’s just assume she’s the one in the video behind the bar, with the mustache.

The single is due for release March 29.

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