After “Pyromania,” Cascada Might As Well Just Become A Lady Gaga Cover Band

Feb 18th, 2010 // 45 Comments

If you thought Cascada’s 2009 single “Evacuate The Dancefloor”—which, let’s face it, was basically a bargain-basement knockoff Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”—was a desperate ploy to get the German dance outfit back into the good graces of the charts the world over (hey, it worked), then wait till you hear their latest, “Pyromania.” Catch the video for the “Poker Face” wannabe-jam below.

Wow. Who ever will they find for vocalist Natalie Horler to duet with on the inevitable “Telephone” recreation?

Also, in case you need a reminder of Cascada’s Gaga leanings, here’s “Evacuate The Dancefloor,” which slowly but surely creeped up to #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 last fall:

Gosh. This is like a flashback to the ’90s, when you’d browse the CD singles rack in a record store and it would be littered with dance music covers of popular songs. Only they were recorded by anonymous acts with slightly similar names than the original artist.

For instance, there was this gem—”Barbie Girl” by Velva Blu:

Something tells us that might not be the actual music video for Velva Blu’s Aqua cover. But whatever that is, it seems whoever made it had a slightly larger budget than Cascada did for “Pyromania.”


  1. Nathan

    Give Cascada a break! They must be afraid to release anything with the all the negative reviews about their songs. I've never known a band to have so much negativity written about them.

    They've been using this sound for around a year now, and it is working for them, so stop with the stupid Lady GaGa comparisons and give them rest. Lady GaGa didn't create pop music.

  2. Sebastian

    Oh! Please Cascada has her own style and you people are just haters.. If you don't like it that's fine but there are millions of people like me that in fact do like their music. And another thing: Cascada does not sound like Lady gaga at all.

  3. CeCe

    bullshit, cascada sounds NOTHING like lady gaga. you're lying

  4. CeCe

    Totally true. Cascada's a dance band from germany.
    Lady Gaga's some wannabe american chick with a weird accent in her singing. Cascada's WAAAAAAY better than lady gaga, and the two sound NOTHING alike! i dont get why people call cascada a “cover band” and “wannabe pop stars”

  5. CeCe

    Totally true. Cascada's a dance band from germany.
    Lady Gaga's some wannabe american chick with a weird accent in her singing. Cascada's WAAAAAAY better than lady gaga, and the two sound NOTHING alike! i dont get why people call cascada a “cover band” and “wannabe pop stars”

  6. Justin

    You do realise that all the songs you have mentioned above were produced by RedOne. The Similiarities are bound to be there. Listen to any of RedOnes songs, although they are good and catchy, they all sound the same. Maybe you should write an article about Darin because his song 'Girl Next Door' is an exact copy of lady Gaga's Just Dance with a few minor changes in synths and sounds. Sugarbabes latest album has alot of songs that sound very similar as, once again produced by RedOne.

    So maybe you need to re-write the article and point the finger at RedOne. Personally, I think the Cascada video clip suits the song. Isn't that what Video clips are meant to do?

  7. Ali

    Cascada has been around before Lady GaGa. They've released DANCE songs ever since the start. You should do some research then start blabbering.

  8. jimbo332211

    If you comapre Lady gaga to Cascada you must mad! Lady gaga has more electronic sounding music, Cascadas is more dance music.
    Also they are both in copletely different leagues!!!
    Just saying lke ya know, bit harsh on both stars :/

  9. Christina

    I wish people would stop complaining. There are so many artists that produce songs that resemble another artist. Cascada was around for a while before Lady GaGa so I think the comparisons are a bit stupid. I like both of these artists, and to me they are nothing alike. I congratulate Cascada on their success and I hope they continue to make more great songs!

  10. annushka

    I don't get it, I mean Lady Gaga is realy great singer from USA and Cascada is realy great group from Germany, by the way Lady Gaga's music is about Pop but Cascada's music is about dance. Someone ha already said that :”Cascada recorded Evacuate The Dancefloor before Lady GaGa came out!!
    Sure Pyromania does sound like Poker Face a tad bit, but who gives a flying f*ck!!!
    People liked Evacuate The Dancefloor enough for it to go #1, people will think the same about Pyromania!”

    and me and more 1000000000000….. people think the same way, so stop saying things like that!
    Cascada is the Queen of DANCE MUSIC
    Lady Gaga is The Queen of POP MUSIC

    what's wrong with that???

  11. Veronica

    Oh god, not this 'comparing Cascada to Lady GaGa' crap again. Like everyone else had said, GIVE CASCADA A FLIPPING BREAK! Being both a fan of Cascada and Lady GaGa, I say two things. First, I do admit 'Pyromania' sounds SLIGHTLY like 'Poker Face.' Second, go listen to Cascada's 'Everytime We Touch' and 'Ready Or Not' and then tell me their styles are similar. *Sigh* Seriously guys, can't we all stop hating? They are both great music artists, so let's just leave it at that and shut up. :)

  12. Justin

    You should remove the comment feature if your going to delete peoples responces to your lame stupid news post. *cough* lame *cough*

  13. pacal

    never heard a bulls**t like that!!!!

  14. Moxy

    The Big German Chav, Crapcada, returns with another rip off RedOne/Lady GaGa copy!
    This latest offering is bad even by their very, very low standards. They've gone from killing great songs by adding the same cheap, cheesy backing track and now are copying the hottest act around. Nothing more than a cheap GaGa tribute act.
    The only ones buying this crap are retarded Chavs.
    Some serious filtering on the camera in the video trying to make the fat singer (even though she always lipsyncs) look thinner and they've failed, she still looks like a fat tranny!
    btw love the comments about Crapcada being a dance act when the fat singer can't dance! lol

  15. ant

    thank god i can comment on here! Robbie Daw your an idiot, it doesnt sound anything like eachother, i like lady gaga's music but cascada is a lot better in my oppinion i think your just trying to give cascada a bad name

  16. annushka

    So what?!? Cascada is steel much diffrent than Lady Gaga. I'm sure that Cascada didn't mean to “copy” ( haha – yeah, I'm loughing cause she didn't coppy anything!).
    Just face it- your'e just can't stand in it. Cascada can be successful by her own songs like pyromania and more.

  17. Tom

    Actually I've seen Cascada perform live in the US maybe 5 or 6 times and she has never ever lip synched so you should get you're facts straight before you make assumptions.

  18. Ty

    evacuate the dancefloor came out before just dance

  19. rikiaz

    Short version: This is stupidity.

    Long Version: Cascada released “Miracle” in 2004. Lady GaGa released “Poker Face” in 2008. Cascada was already well-known and successful before the “Evacuate the Dancefloor” album and Lady GaGa's “Poker Face”. “Miracle”, “Everytime We Touch” and “What Hurts the Most” all reached no. 1 on different charts.

    Natalie Horler said that they had started working on the “Evacuate the Dancefloor” album in early 2008 and the song “Evacuate the Dancefloor” was one of the first songs they made. After “Perfect Day” was released in late 2007, the only logical thing was to start working on “Evacuate the Dancefloor” so I guess she isn't lying.

    Listen to Yanou's 2009 single “Brighter Day” (He's one of Cascada's two producers). It is more similar to “new” Cascada's style than “old” Cascada's style, but still far away from Lady GaGa's style. He has been active since 1997 (Wikipedia) which means he knows what he is doing, so I don't think he would ever let Cascada copy from Lady GaGa. Artists change – it's just the way it is (look at Madonna).

    This article is a piece of bad journalistic work and by the way I want to accuse you of copying the words “get”, “their” and “they” from the Old Norse language…

  20. KaeluvzCascada

    ok there is a BIG difference between Natalie and Lady Gaga— Natalie can actually sing and, most importantly, Natalie is not a man… Honestly, I don't know how anyone could get Lady Gaga's music out of Cascada's Pyromania. They are NOT alike… not NOW not EVER!… NATALIE RULES FOREVER!!! We love you Nat!!! <3 <3 <3

  21. gustavo1992

    just because cascada changed her style (because douchebags like you said that all her songs sound the same, or whatever the reason was ) eveyone starts saying that she copied lady gaga. the genre is similiar, but hey, ITS A GENRE! its called “pop genre” not “GAGA GENRE”, they just evolved like every good artist should, so stop complaining about it. AND BESIDES, evacuate the dancefloor doesnt sounds like just dance. it doesnt. it just doesnt.

  22. Evacuate the Dancefloor was written and created long before Just Dance came out. Lady GaGa lists Cascada as one of her inspirations. Not a knock off. Facts straight please.

  23. Jakub

    WTF is your problem! Cascada are clearly better than Lady Gaga anyway! They sound nothing alike and just cause you don’t like them doesn’t mean no one else does >:(

  24. Annie

    You idiots! Lady gaga's music is different from Cascada's music. Cascada's is EURODANCE music, and Lady gaga is pop. Besides Cascada's been recording longer. I wish you stupid people would shut up and stop comparing every singer to lady gaga.

  25. nothing like gaga

    oh. my. god. evacuate the dancefloor sounds absolutly nothing like lady gaga. its completely bizarre where people get this crap from?? for starters the song was written and produced long before anyone even knew who gaga was!! and so freakin what if people are using gaga as inspiration anyway. she is amazing. cascada and gaga are both amazing. now quit with the comparisons

  26. steven dziuba


  27. DJ Cataract

    @ Moxy, You're a Fucking Idiot you know that?
    another rip off Lady Gaga copy my ass, I admit Pyromania Could be way better, but it's still a MASSIVE amount better than the Pathetic excuse for electropop coming out of the druggie whore known as Ke$ha.
    Never. EVER. Insult Manian's producing abilities in front of me. You will NEVER find two songs that god of EDM makes that sound the same. You're looking for that, Try Benni Benassi. And the most retarded bit of everything you're saying that shows just how little you know is that bit, and what you say next. Scooter is the only bigger Dance Band or artist to come out of Germany INCLUDING THE WORLD'S THIRD BEST DJ, PAUL VAN DYK. Their sales of Albums and Singles have made them an international success, and they've won prestegious awards over other big names, plus their chart performance around the world has been extremely good. So unless the majority of the music world (especially in Britain, where Evacuate Shot to number one OVER Bad Romance, as well as where Natalie Horler and based on your word choices i'm guessing you hail from)
    “are retarded Chavs” you're pathetic ignorance is pretty fucking clear.

    Finally, It's called wide bone structure, I've seen tons of chicks with it in the clubs i've mixed in, and i've had a few girlfriends with that sort of structure to their bodies and let me tell you, they usually have supermodels' stomachs. Natalie is usually seen wearing types of shirts that don't cling to her figure, but nothing else suggests a body mass index in the “Overweight” Range. If you see pics of her in whole or the videos, you see her arms, legs, and face don't show any level of fat, and if like me you've actually seen her at clubland live, it's pretty damn obvious there's no modification going on. and finally, she sure as fuck doesn't lip sync, and she's been instructed in various styles of dance, and does them all pretty damn well if you've actually seen it.

    Go jerk off to anorexic porn and listen to ear-splitting metal like you quite obviously do. Some people….

  28. DJ Cataract

    @ Robbie Daw sure, there may be some similarity between the two songs you’ve mentioned and lady gaga’s stuff, but have you given any thought to the song they between Evacuate and Pyromania? Tell me exactly what Lady Gaga song that Fever is supposed to be ripping of.
    Quite frankly i don’t even see what besides the genre is similar. The hooks of the instrumentals have nothing in common, and how exactly do you liken anything with pyromania’s instrumental progression to that of Poker Face?

    Even with what is similar, do you have any idea how common it is for Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop to contain samples of other songs? Gaga does it too for god sakes (Boys Boys Boys for example) So there is absolutely nothing wrong with either Gaga using a sound similar to Cascada or Vice Versa


    Stupid assholes. CASCADA CAME BEFORE LADY GAGA & SHE IS EUROPEAN! Unlike your fricken' 'Lady Gaga' the “ITALIAN” American. USA SUCKS. Europe forever.

  30. Marta

    I just agreed with everyone word you wrote…. so basically, all I'm saying is: EUROPE IS THE BEST! AND THE USA JUST COPIES :)

  31. Marta

    I just agreed with everyone word you wrote…. so basically, all I'm saying is: EUROPE IS THE BEST! AND THE USA JUST COPIES :)

  32. Tony

    Lady GaGa has her own thing going on but I do think her and Cascada are much different. I hate when peolpe try to compare Cascada, Lady GaGa, and Ke$ha. First of all, Ke$ha is obviously the least talented of the three. Her songs may be catchy, etc but she really cannot sing nearly as well as Cascada or Lady GaGa. Lady GaGa can singt but her singing and music style is very different form Cascada. A few songs may have slight comparisons but nowhere near enough to call Cascada a cover band as there are far worse rip off than a slight “mamama” in this song that everything thinks it’s copying Lady GaGa.

  33. LadyGaGaForEver

    i like cascada but i gotta say Lady GaGa is the bomd and cascadas music does sound like Lady GaGas and her musc videos have a GaGa feel. U cant beat GaGa!!!

  34. DJ Basehunter

    how the FUK is cascada anywer near gaga natalie dose not wear stupid outfits and my god if u listen to the music its so differant lady gaga can get 1 song in a djs mix just dance cascada can get most of ther songs in a mix also lady gaga dosnt even sing she speaks cascada can sing only fukin idiots would say they are alike and if anythink cascada was here first and is not fukd in the head


  35. Christina

    You know what? I love Lady Gaga. So if someone says that this song is like ‘Pokerface’ then that just means I already know I’m going to love it. I don’t see why having similar songs is such a bad thing.

    And every artist steals things from each other. In fact, any musician born after Bach’s time has taken the idea of chords, so why aren’t we all freaking out over that?
    Get over it.

  36. With a couple of obvious exceptions, I always thought the Who weren’t much of an album group compared with their peers. Perhaps that’s why “Meaty, Beaty”, and “Live at Leeds” are so popular.

  37. CeCe

    Since your saying that Cascada = Lady Gaga, you must also be saying that you LIKE Cascada, since Lady Gaga is “oh so perfect in everything she does”. If Cascada sounds like that (which she sure as hell doesn’t), you must be saying you like the tune.

    And another thing. WHY THE F*CK DO PEOPLE KEEP COMPARING THE TWO??? They’re not even on the same continent!! Lady Gaga is a NY chick who strips all day and night. Cascada is an Industrial Chick from Bonn, Deutschland (Germany). Cascada (a.k.a. Natalie) has a much better voice than Gaga, and is the veteran of Eurodance/Europop music. I happen to be German myself, and I know firsthand how much better Cascada is. I’ve heard both live, CASCADA IS SO MUCH MORE TRUE!!
    Cascada came around first, Evacuate was written before Gaga was even around, and fags like you, “Robbie”, are just f*cking the world up. Seriously, go jump off a cliff or something. And leave Cascada alone. She didn’t do anything wrong. Jeez, you’re acting like making quality Eurodance is a sin!
    To sum up my point, CASCADA FOREVER! Gaga should jump down a hole.

  38. Robbie Daw;
    You are a complete idiot. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bands sounding similar. Even more so if one of those bands is Lady Ga Ga. With as big as Ga Ga is right now, I’m genuinely surprised that there are not more bands that sound like her.

    Now for all those “they are not the same” people out there, you to are idiots. Robbie is however the bigger idiot. This song sounds nothing like Poker Face. It does however have a similar techno, “Just Dance” feel to it. Robbie, if you were going to say it was a copy of any song you should have said Just Dance. However, to that point, it still is not a copy. The only thing that Cascada and Lady Ga Ga have in common is their sound. Being that a techno dance floor sound is popular these days, again I have to say I am surprised that there are not more that sound like these gals.

    In truth, it all seems like a flash back to the 80′s. Bands are becoming more and more flashy and interesting to solidify their fan base. Hell Ga Ga seems to have re-written the entire book on flashy. But it is almost 2011. We are nearing the hallmark “a decade has past, lets go back to our roots” music era. It happens at the end of every decade, or two. For all we know in this coming decade we will see boy bands again hit the charts….god forbid.

    Now I would like to call for a moment of silence. MTV has officially dropped Music from its Genre and its name. Once these Ga Ga type bands fade, the 80′s will have officially died. :((

  39. Kimberly

    Personally I love Cascada… Cascada was incredible before anyone ever heard of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is way over rated.

  40. vas

    well some guys out there likes Lady their idol and they can demmand her but they can’t say cascada a cover of lady gaga this is very rude and natalie has her own style…lyrics with meaning and all that stuff….nat has feelings too,gaga fans can’t hurt her everytime!!!!i am a huge cascada fan and i can say cascada,nat is one normal lady,a woman unlike the fake lady gaga,oh and lady gaga ‘s just dance has never been so succesfull as evacuate the dancefloor,and pokerface has a lot of differences with pyromania!!!!so cascada haters,or lady gaga fans….stop hating!!!!
    its rude and untrue at the same time!!!!so cut it now!!!!cascada and gaga have a lot of differences!!!pyromania and pokerface,evacuate the dancefloor and just dance…all of them different things…so cut the hate know….

  41. vas

    Oh and something else…if someone wants to awnser to my comment please e-mail me on!!!

  42. San

    what is wrong with all you people! Cascada is nothing like GaGa! I for one like almost only Cascada, with Cascadas songs I feel a weird connection to it, like its my soul music or something, it has a sort of mystic feel, GaGas songs are just cheap tunes that she hardly ever sings in! Cascadas lyrics are deep and meaningful with understanding, and the music complements her voice and her lyrics, GaGas lyrics make her sound like a drunk hipster who hangs out at a bar in LA all night! So for those who have said Cascada has copied from GaGa YOU ARE ALL WRONG AND ARE RETARTED IDIOTIC MORONS WHO HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS JUST LIKE GAGA! TAKE THAT CASCADA HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Jo

    Know what you’re talking about here, idolator. if you would do your damn homework, you would know this song was in the makes before gaga even existed.

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