Staygold Cop A Feel Of The ’80s In The “Backseat”

Feb 19th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Last month we posted the live clip of Swedish pop outfit Staygold performing “Backseat,” their retro-electro ode to “getting jumped on in the parking lot.” Below is the studio version of the track. Damien Adore and Spank Rock are still intact, but Robyn—who joined them all on stage at the P3 Guld awards—is swapped out for The Lady Tigra.

There’s pretty much no difference between this and what we heard in the live version, save for the absence of Robyn (not to mention the awesome visual of the tube-socks-wearing fly girls). But fear not—new music from pixie-haired pop star is on the way. Have a listen to one of her new jams here.


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