Janet Jackson And Pitbull’s “Heartbeat Love” Isn’t Really Making Our Pulse Race

Feb 22nd, 2010 // 12 Comments

Now, we love us some Miss Jackson, but we’re not sure which of these endeavors by Janet is a worse idea: teaming up with “I Know You Want Me” rapper Pitbull on new song “Heartbeat Love” or taking brother Michael’s place for a Jackson 5 world tour later this year. Granted, that J5 tour one is just a rumor. (Or at least we hope it is.) But “Heartbeat Love,” on the other hand, is all too real. Hop below to hear it!

Pitbull raps that he doesn’t want to take over the world, but he sure manages to take over this song. It’s a full 58 seconds before you even start hearing Janet’s breathy whisper-coo on the Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins-produced club jam. (In fact, it’s Darkchild himself who leaked the track, which you can grab from his site.)

Janet used to knock some pretty solid ballads out of the park back in the day—“Again,” “Anytime, Any Place” and “Come Back To Me” come to mind—and it would be nice at this stage to hear her going for a more mature, evolved sound, rather than trying to keep up with the Gagas and Beyonces of the world.

We’re not saying she has to fully button up the cleavage and go the Susan Boyle route. But maybe it’s time to step off the dance floor and just turn out a really good pop album again—one heavy on hooks and melodies (not to mention actual singing), rather than beats and the trendiest rapper du jour.

Anyway, cleanse your palate with this Control classic:

  1. Tony2010

    Yeah! I agree, she used to really sing back in the day. I'm not saying she was like a Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, but those two artists could NEVER keep up with Janet, singing and dancing, and amazingly never loosing her breath or step. Music industry seems to be getting serious about actually singing on tracks, so she's gonna have to go back and find her voice.

  2. COME ON

    AGREE x10. Come on Janet I want a “Love to Love”, a “Would U Mind”, a “Twenty Foreplay”, a “Like You Don't Love Me”, a “I Get Lonely”… COME ON JANET!!!!

  3. Troy

    I don't think this is going to be on a Janet cd, because the intro has too much of Pitbull and not enough Janet. That didn't even sound complete. It sounds good though, just not complete.

  4. janetfantilltheend

    This is a fun track. I hope it makes it to an album or even the radio. Everyone complained her last albums were redundant and that she didn't take any chances. Now she is and folks are still complaining just as they did when she slowed things down on “The Velvet Rope”. Yet, it's funny how Madonna never gets the same criticism for working with younger artists (Hard Candy) and experimenting with younger musical styles and trends. Nobody is asking her to slow down! Only true Janet fans can appreciate what she tries musically. She's been number 1 countless times and have set a number of records. All of you naysayers will be eating your words when she reaches number 1 again.

  5. Chrismandotcom

    Her tweet on twitter implied that it's Pit Bull's song and she is just guesting in it. Do some research. (If twitter is research). As for the song, I think its great and upbeat.

  6. twentyfourplay

    Too bad it's a Pitbull song and Janet's only featured on it.
    Stop being a hater and get your facts right before you post.

  7. Hey twentyfourplay, not sure how you think there's any hate coming across here — if you read closely, you'll see we really are hoping for a true return to greatness for Miss Jackson.

    Also, never implied this specifically a Janet feat. Pitbull song or Pitbull feat. Janet….just that they'd teamed up together. Would have been nice to hear more from HER, really.

  8. msmogul

    anyone who doesnt think that song is HAWT is sipping on some strong cup of crazy

  9. Maceo

    agreed. a very strong cup. it goes hard in the club too.

  10. fabian

    I actually like it…it's a very new “fresh” side of Janet…

  11. I am very keen on Janet Jackson and her departure the music business will definitely be a big loss. Their family has made a great influence on music from since I am able to remember.

  12. the track is Cool As Phuck you stagnant hater.

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