Today In ‘Idol’: Chris Golightly’s 15 Minutes Extended Long Enough For Him To Write A Book

Feb 22nd, 2010 // Comment

:: Chris Golightly was cut from Idol only last week, and already he’s lined up a new gig — author. Golightly will write an autobiography called Orphan, which will chronicle the abuse he suffered while living in orphanages and foster care homes his whole life. And yes, his (unfair?) disqualification from Idol will be covered, too. []

:: Chris’s disqualification made way for Tim Urban to take his spot, but Chris isn’t the only one displeased with that decision — The Apprentice‘s Tim Urban isn’t happy sharing his name with another reality show contestant one bit. [Vote For The Worst]

:: Andrew Garcia might have the most Twitter followers and John Park is a hit on Facebook, but 16-year old Aaron Kelly has the most MySpace friends of any contestant. The judges might be confused as to why the guys are sweeping up fans online when they were so sure a girl would win the show. We’re more confused that people still use MySpace. [Idol Chatter]

:: After the jump, watch a video of Kris Allen, Jordin Sparks and others promote Jason Derulo’s debut album. [Via MJsbigblog]


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