Britney Spears’ Album To Drop This June, Feature David Guetta And More

[UPDATE: A rep for Britney says — contrary to MTV’s reporting — there has been “zero discussion” of a release date for Britney’s next album.] Britney Spears’ seventh studio album was at first rumored to drop this May, but it appears the Brit circus won’t hit town again until June. We know you Brit diehards need your precious pop music, but the wait will be worth it—Billboard’s Sexiest Pop Star has lined up an all-star cast of producers for her latest offering.

We already heard names like Nate ‘Danjahandz’ Hills, aka Danja (“Gimme More,” “Break the Ice”), Max Martin (“3,” “If You Seek Amy,” “Baby… One More Time”) and Sean Garrett (“Toy Soldier”) rattled off as producers on the as-yet untitled Spears album. Now being thrown in the mix is K. Briscoe (“Womanizer”) and Corte Ellis (“Naked,” “Get Back”). Basically, Brit’s keeping close company on this release and working with producers with whom she shares a history.

However, there is a bit of new blood in the studio — Idolator fave David Guetta is reportedly conjuring up a hit for Brit too. Does this mean Spears will be dipping her (usually barefoot) toe into house music? And we’re still intensely curious about the rumor that some sort of Britney-Lady Gaga duet is in the works — though as Blackbook points out, these kinds of super-mega-star pairings have a tendency to under-deliver and/or hurt people’s ears.

We’ve got high hopes for this album, and the music certainly looks like it’s in the right hands. As for the songs’ lyrics, well, Britney doesn’t need any help coming up with clever witticisms to share with the world.

[Via MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog]

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  • Kyle

    Britney Spears official Website has posted this under the “BullShit” section. Meaning there will be no new album. D=

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