The Morning Mix: Adam Lambert Doesn’t Think Susan Boyle’s Got Talent

Feb 24th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Good morning! Remember when Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle performed on the same episode of Oprah a few weeks ago? Well, now we know why they didn’t share a duet—Adam called SuBo’s cover of the Rolling Stone’s “Wild Horses” a “horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!” Maybe he would have liked it better if it were sung by his new tonsil-hockey buddy Ke$ha? (For the record, Ad did tweet that he had been misquoted… but will that explanation be enough to declaw SuBo fans?)

Did You Hear?

 :: Be careful when approaching either Adam Lambert or Fergie, as the two singers are sharing a taste for sharp fashion statements. One innocent hug, and you could be impaled by the spikes on their outfits. (Adam’s look, of course, is just a deterrent to ward off those rabid Boyle followers.) [Just Jared]

:: T.I. showed up at an Atlanta fundraiser, making his first appearance since being released from prison. Wonder if he wishes he had joined Twitter before he went behind bars. [MTV]

:: N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton gets censored, but not the way you’re thinking—all the non-swear words are taken out. Basically, “F*** the Police” gets shortened to simply, “F***.” [Best Week Ever]

:: Lady Gaga pokes fun (ahem) at all those rumors about her gender on the cover of the new Q. [Huffington Post]

:: The Lady Gaga tributes continue — rock band We The Kings cover “Paparazzi” for Billboard’s inaugural Mashup Mondays. [Billboard]

After the jump: Disneyland becomes even more magical with the re-release of Captain EO.


Music On TV Tonight:

:: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) – Ne-Yo (repeat)
Lopez Tonight (TBS) – Ludacris (repeat)


VIDEO REWIND OF THE DAY: Captain EO, the 1986 musical 3D space adventure starring Michael Jackson, is now back at Disneyland. The 17-minute short was directed by Francis Ford Coppolla — yes, the man who gave us The Godfather — and ran in the Disney parks for eight years until July 1994 (which by sheer coincidence was a period when its star was facing some legal problems that might sully the family-friendly amusement park). But now it’s back, and with the small price of admission to Disneyland (roughly $99 plus parking), you can check out the best 3-D headtrip this side of James Cameron.

With the King of Pop back at the top of pop culture, this is certainly the right time for Disney to give Michael Jackson fans more. But in case you’re not planning a Disney vacation anytime soon (or just think the whole thing feels like a huge corporation profiting on the death of an icon), here’s the grandiose musical number “We’re Here to Change the World,” featuring Muppets, aliens and Angelica Huston. (Yes, that’s Angelica Huston under all that makeup.)

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  1. Jesse

    The LA Times article says “Does that read as if the Real Adam Lambert was twirling his villainous imaginary mustache” but doesn't make a case for it. There's no indication in this article that Adam was misquoted which is what his most devoted fans are hoping for. Nor does context in THIS case change anything. In fact she only confirms that she thinks he was quoted accurately, but that SOMEHOW with the right spin it won't come off as nasty and gratuitous. She even tries to make it about “poor Boyle.” However had Adam made remarks like “so bad..laughed till I cried..etc..” about a Kanye or GaGa or dang near ANYONE else's cut for that matter, people would have taken serious issue with it as well. Let's hope the devoted fans are right. The issue isn't that Adam has opinions on other artists. EVERYONE does. It's that truly a gracious person wouldn't find it necessary to express it this way. Personally I thought both albums were seriously lacking.

  2. Angel

    Those words were put in ADAM's mouth. It's absolutely OUT of CHARACTER. That is NOT who ADAM is. Better read LA Times. A Brit poster said those words were in British English and have been used before in the same gay magazine slamming SB's CD which are now attributed to ADAM. It also quoted ADAM saying he is 27, which is not a fact. Another wrong quotation. It is simply NOT consistent with who ADAM is nor his track record. No way.

  3. Jack

    Adam hasn't denied these comments. Misquoted about what? Could have meant the Kesha comments. He didn't say. He should explain why he is criticizing another artist – esp one on his own label.

  4. Kim

    No way this is true! I have heard every interview Adam has done and this sounds nothing like him! He is a very positive person and always goes out of his way to say something nice, and makes a habit of promoting other artists. Besides Adam has already disputed this on his twitter stating that he was misquoted…and if he sounds nonchalant about it, it’s probably because he has to deal with this kind of crap repeatedly.

    I have met him and he is very sweet…and far from a diva! When I was walking up to him he said, “Oh, I love your outfit!”….HE complimented ME!!! This was at a backstage meet and greet where I watched him interact with his fans for almost an hour, so I am speaking of his character from personal experience.

    Just because it’s in print on the internet, it’s the gospel? Yeah, right! Every media source that has picked up on this “story” and ran with it needs to make a retraction and issue Adam an apology!

  5. ianaleah

    Show me where I can hear Adam say Susan B dosen't have talent or stop lying.I think you are sooooooo jealous of Adam cuz you are afraid he will steal your boyfriend. Ha! BTW. I have heard Adam on interviews on tv and on radio and then a couple days later read an article about the interview misquoting him either deliberately (hello) or the writer is stupid and just misunderstood. But anyone who dosne't know that Adam is not a basher is out of touch w reality.

  6. Cathy

    Here is another post that makes more sense than any I've read:

  7. I idolize Lady Gaga! She is the greatest!

  8. I love it when folks get together and share thoughts. Great website, continue the good work!

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