Leona Lewis Wakes Up ‘GMTV’ With “I Got You”

Not all artists can open their mouth when appearing on GMTV and sound like a celestial choir of angels bringing heaven itself to the ears of viewers. But enough aboug Ke$ha. Occasionally, the producers of the UK morning show must settle for mere mortals who are “just okay.” Speaking of which, Leona Lewis swung by the show the other day to belt out her latest single, “I Got You.” Watch below!

Oh, we kid. Leona has a fab voice. We just kind of wish she would record material a bit more up-tempo. You know, like this.

Maybe she could draw inspiration for such material from some of her dislikes, rather than from love or heartache. For instance, Leona recently declared her dismay for sexting. (Sorry, Ludacris!) “Is it as bad as cheating? Yes, as it could lead to something else,” she said. “Why did they have a girl’s number in the first place? There’s obviously some intention. It’s a dumpable offence, for sure.”

What were we talking about? Oh, right. GMTV. Hey, when are they bringing Ke$ha back?