Justin Bieber Tours Paris, Tweets Next Single

Feb 25th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Justin Bieber has taken it upon himself to act as his own publicist, tweeting that his next single will be the yearning ballad “Never Let You Go.” The track is off his My World 2.0 album, to be released March 2, the day after Bieber’s 16th birthday. You know what Justin would love to get as a present for his Sweet 16? No, not a Ferrari, he’s already got one of those. He’s like another #1 single. Do your part, people.

Check out an acoustic performance of “Never Let You Go” below.

Justin is in Paris promoting his album and sightseeing all at the same time—he had a secret show at the Eiffel Tower and even sneaked in a visit to The Louvre, which he refers to as “a great date spot.” (Watch out, Bieber parents, your son constantly has girls on the brain no matter where he is.) Tweeted The Bieb: “@ the Louvre I took some pics w/ fans. Hate 2 break it 2 them but the Mona Lisa is more famous than me. lol. take her pic. she is rt there.”

Don’t sell yourself short, Justin—did the Mona Lisa have the opening solo in the “We Are The World” remake? Does the Mona Lisa have her own personal swagger coach? Is the Mona Lisa performing on Saturday Night Live in a few weeks? Nope!

  1. cailah wallace

    hi im cailah i was hopping you might come to el paso so i can go to my first consert and i was hopping it will be you that i go to see love all ur songs

  2. LINH


  3. mira

    i love you justin

  4. My absolute favorite thing was that when Daniel Radcliffe first heard Justin Beaver sing he thought that it was a girl XD that totally makes my day. I mean, seriously the list of gay/uber girl things this little boy is doin is just stacking up: get a gay hip tattoo that is supposed to be…what…a dove?…it looks like a drunk guy tried to draw a circle. =.= travels everywhere with his mummy and I swear I saw my mums old yearbook photo and was like OMG it’s Justin Bieber XD

    Very, very disturbing.

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