Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Team Up To “Make A Wave”

Joe Jonas isn’t sitting around on his Platinum-selling laurels while brother Nick is off doing his own thing. In addition to guest-starring in the new Vampire Weekend music video, the 20-year-old heartthrob has paired up with Demi Lovato for “Make A Wave,” a new eco-friendly tune for Disney’s Friends For Change: Project Green. The duet premiered Friday on Radio Disney, and you can have a listen below.

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Of course, we probably don’t need to mention how potentially bad the timing was for unveiling a song called “Make A Wave.” But at any rate, kudos to these Disney kids for giving a damn about the environment in the first place.

“They say the beat of a butterfly’s wings can set off a storm a world away/ What if they’re right an the smallest of things could power the strongest hurricane?” the pair sings on the uplifting, though quite by-the-numbers ballad. A digital single will be released March 15.

And here’s some sketchy footage (which looks like it was taken on the sly) of Joe while shooting the music video for “Make A Wave” last month:

The official “Make A Wave” music vid is set to premiere on March 14. Meanwhile, the song will appear in the upcoming Disneynature film OCEANS, which arrives in theaters on April 22—i.e. Earth Day.