Today In ‘Idol’: Simon Cowell Is “Absolutely Appalled” At How Rude He Is

Mar 4th, 2010 // Comment

:: Still can’t believe “funny little thing” Siobhan Magnus could belt out a power note that would make Aretha Franklin proud? Re-watch her performance in our recap of the Top 10 Girls. [Idolator]

:: Simon Cowell admits that he maaaay have been too harsh on some contestants over the years. Did he finally watch this video of his greatest hits? [Daily News]

:: That didn’t last long – Idol producers have already gotten rid of all the Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts of contestants. Now who will we poke all day long if not Casey James? [MJsbigblog]

:: Some people still can’t get over Paula Abdul’s absence on Idol. Dude, X Factor‘s debut in America is only about a year away, have some patience. [Guardian]

:: Will Simon Fuller’s reality web-series, If I Can Dream—which follows five wannabes trying to find fame (including Miley Cyrus’ ex)—start the next wave of internet reality shows? Watch the first episode below. [EW]

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