Rihanna Gets Lippy With A Robot At The 2010 ECHO Awards

Following her recent BRITs sweep, Lady Gaga continued to collect European trophies at last night’s 2010 ECHO Awards in Berlin, where she won in the Best International Female Artist, Best International Newcomer and Single Of The Year (for “Poker Face”) categories. But perhaps it was Rihanna who really stole the show when, after wrapping up a performance of “Rude Boy,” she leaned in and made out with one of her robot dancers. Blow your circuits by watching below!

Yeesh. Now Rihanna must know how it felt for Britney when she tongued Madonna at the MTV VMAs back in 2003.

Britney Madonna kissAnd, you know—we’re not even going to ask what was going on with that other robot, who proceeded to spray some sort of liquid all over Ri Ri during this mechanical lovefest.

Here in the States, “Rude Boy” climbed to #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, marking her third Top 10 single off Rated R after “Hard” (#8) and “Russian Roulette” (#9). Billboard noted yesterday that Rihanna has now posted the most Hot 100 top 10s (14 total) by a female artist—surpassing the 13 by Beyonce—since the beginning of the last decade.

  • thumper


  • Becky

    Still a step up from Chris Brown. HEY-OH! (cue snare drum)

  • kat

    rather see Adam snogging Tommy ANY DAY !!!

  • http://video.com Rebeca Orlosky

    I don’t know what all of the talk is about Rihanna visiting a sex shop. It is legal, it’s a free country and she is allowed to do what she wishes to.

  • http://stainlesssteel-cutleryset.com Roxane Frick

    I am sorry but I don’t love Rihanna’s crimson hair and cone bra. She does not have to be a Madonna clone.

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