Adam Lambert Is A “Voodoo” Doll, Plans Remix EP

Mar 5th, 2010 // 21 Comments

Adam Lambert’s “Voodoo,” co-written by “Black and Gold” singer Sam Sparro, was previously unreleased in the U.S., but that’s about to change—the fantastical dance-ballad is set to be a bonus track on the “What Do You Want From Me” and “For Your Entertainment” remix EP. Will “Voodoo” put a spell on you? Listen below.

Adam Lambert – “Voodoo”

The song is a romantic and futuristic, and allows Lambert to show off his killer pipes once again (although it takes two and a half minutes to get to the money note). Whereas Adam’s previously surfaced, Twilight-inspired track “Suburban Decay” is a pit more 70s punk-rock than 70s glam-rock, “Voodoo” definitely captures the spiritual, sensual electro vibe present in the rest of For Your Entertainment—which explains why it made the cut for the international release of Adam’s debut album.

Speaking of international, the blueberry-flavored performer is currently in Sparro’s homeland of Australia, promoting his album (which hit #1 on the iTunes pop chart Down Under) and celebrating Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney. The only question is, can Mardi Gras handle Adam’s fabulousness?

  1. kat

    this track is like a voodoo spell cast with a bite from Adams snake YOWZA !

  2. Oddy

    Not too keen on Voodoo. Too commerial sounding. Sounds like Duran, Duran.

  3. Mel6

    I actually LOVE that it reminds me of Duran Duran, thought the same thing. I get that this may not be a track for everyone, but I'm diggin the retro/throwback yet forward thinking vibe all in one. As I've blogged elsewhere, I guess I'm just getting weary of typical Top 40 and even current R&B, and singer/songwriter stuff, and even the Daughtry/Nickelback thing…so I'm loving Lambert's offerings, including Voodoo. I love that his tracks remind me of Duran Duran, or Meatloaf, Prince, Queen, Bowie – time for that sort of thing on the music scene I think. But the more important thing to me is that Lambert can blow it out the box acoustic, live, whatever – that's what keeps me addicted actually. He just BRINGS IT no matter what, and doesn't disappoint. That voice, that performance level – I'm addicted. So Voodoo may not be for everyone, but dang, there's so much more Lambert's offering us vocally and musically, I can' look away!

  4. kelly

    Wqw ! Adam totally rocks !

  5. Dorena

    Agree totally Mel6. Loving the retro vibes. Just like at Fantasy Springs when Adam did the Whole Lotta Love 7 minutes epic, bluesy, jazzy rendition that blew everyone away. Reminded me so much of that early 70's time that was such a fun vibe. I love Voodoo.

  6. Kevin Lee

    To Bill Mitchell: I can understand what you're saying. I've had similar ideas that instruments did overshadow Adam's amazing voice a bit.
    But the second time I listened to it, it cast a spell on me. It has that Duran Duran vibe and keeps you wanna listen to it again and again. Adam and Sam Sparrow are really talented writers. Someone with a great voice and superb singing can also have fresh and hot music :)

  7. Carl

    Tottally agree. Besides I listened to the live version of Voodoo on the Fantasy Springs concert. Adam's voice sounds more penetrating when you pay attention. Beatiful song again.

  8. lucy2010

    I agree. I felt that the instrumentals were way too overpowering on virtually all the songs on his album, this one included. I can't stand for anything to interfere with his voice, because it's the best of all the instruments. I saw him on Tonight Show the other night singing Sleepwalker, and I think it was the first time I've seen him on TV since American Idol where I felt like the old Glambert magic was finally hitting on all cylinders. He was spectacular. His first major step on the road to Legend!

  9. Sheba

    One og THE BEST songs. Adam sounds AMAZING and SOOOO sexy. He dosn't have to screem all the time. It's amazing how this song makes me feel.
    LOVE IT!!!! I just wish it was a little LONGER. It's so much fun but short.

  10. I was so happy to learn Adam released a new song! But then when I listened to it, I find myself disappointed, sadly. I don't really like it. It's different from the songs on For Your Entertainment. Don't get me wrong, Imma listen to it over 100 times, but it's just to learn it cause i'm addicted to Adam lol Buying the CD from his sight!!

  11. Andrea

    I really love the song, and I am also a big fan of Sam Sparro. I would love to see how well this would do here….electro-pop doesnt usually sell well here, which is why Voodoo is being marketed to Europe/Asia. I think what most American buyers like from Adam was the rocked out version of Sleepwalker that he performed on Leno the other night. It was awesome and got him a huge standing O from what I heard from the people there. But this Voodoo is very cool.

  12. ianaleah

    Once again, Adam sounds beautiful. I really like this song a lot.

  13. ianaleah

    I luv it.

  14. mirrors

    i'm under his spell, for sure.

  15. ndskjl


  16. LSCH

    I love this song!

  17. kissmekate

    even tho he is walking around in London UK this weekend – no sight or sound of his music as yet ..
    i think i'm goona exPLODE !!

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