Today In ‘Idol’: Who Is The Worst Semifinalist Of All Time?

Mar 5th, 2010 // Comment

:: Tim Urban, the male contestant with a body made out of marble and a voice made out of sand, remains in the competition. But Tim comes nowhere near Vote For The Worst’s #1 Worst Semifinalist of All Time—Season 2′s overly confident Juanita Barber, who wouldn’t have even touched the Idol stage if it weren’t for Frenchie Davis’ disqualification. “I think America picked the wrong judge” is just one of her delicious bon mots we shall never forget. [VFTW]

:: So what happened to the contestants’ Twitters? Read our theory. [Idolator]

:: Watch an exit interview with ousted contestants Michelle Delamore and John Park. Do you miss them yet? [MJsbigblog]

:: We’re not surprised David Cook is a Beatles fan—watch an adorable video of the Idol winner crossing Abbey Road. [Idol Chatter]

:: Kara DioGuardi is slowly morphing into Paula Abdul if this crazy outfit has anything to say about it. [Go Fug Yourself]

:: After the jump, check out MTV’s Jim Cantiello give his 60 second Idol recap, with a cameo by Kris Allen. [MTV]

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