VIDEO: Randy Newman, Oscar’s Most Nominatedest Guy

Mar 5th, 2010 // Comment

Hello, Newman. Randy Newman’s music isn’t blaring out of our car speakers, and we haven’t rocked out to one of his songs while listening to our iPods at the gym. But when it comes to writing the ditties that catch the ear of the Oscars, nobody — and we mean nobody — comes close to this New Orleans-bred songwriting legend. That’s right, between Best Original Score and Best Original Song, this guy has earned himself 16 nominations in the last 20 years. Take that, Three 6 Mafia! Despite all his nominations, Randy has only taken home one golden statue. The Academy might disagree, but we think he’s at least worthy of his own video gallery. After the jump revisit some of Randy’s most memorable original songs from movies like Toy Story, Meet The Parents, Parenthood, Babe and decide for yourself just what makes Randy so Oscar-nominatable.

“I Love To See You Smile” – Parenthood – 1990

“You Got A Friend in Me” – Toy Story – 1996

“That’ll Do” – Babe - 1999

“When She Loved Me” – Toy Story 2 - 2000

“A Fool In Love” – Meet The Parents - 2001

“Our Town” – Cars – 2007

“Down In New Orleans” – The Princess And The Frog – 2010

“Almost There” – The Princess And The Frog – 2010

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