Korean Girl Group T-ara Seem Pretty “Crazy” For Britney Spears

We just stumbled upon T-ara, who are being billed as “The Korean Pussycat Dolls.” (Although these days, that might not be the most stable pop/stripper pack to associate yourself, gals.) Based on the sassy dance-pop act’s “I Go Crazy” video, T-ara actually seem more akin to Britney Spears. What makes us think that, you ask? Oh, just the “Womanizer” beat, the “If U Seek Amy” melody and the wardrobe that looks like it was stolen from the storage unit housing the “Baby…One More Time” video shoot memorabilia. Have a peak below, and see if T-ara’s Brit-Brit vibe (drives you) crazy, as well.

You know, the line “you empower me, sexy shadow” is simply just not used enough in pop songs these days. So props for that, T-ara.