The Video You’ve Been Waiting For: Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Featuring Beyonce

Lady Gaga announced all the way back in November that “Telephone,” the dance anthem featuring device-centric duet partner Beyoncé, would be the next single off The Fame Monster. It’s been four grueling months since then, and we’ve filled our humdrum lives as best we could: we obsessed over all the photos. We listened to the covers. And we watched the live performances. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Superglue your iPhone to your head, use two Blackberries as pasties and wrap a phone chord around your waist — and take in the retina-frying nine-minute(!) spectacle that is “Telephone”.

Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé – “Telephone”

Directed by Swedish whiz Jonas Akerlund (the fabulous “Paparazzi”), the video picks up where “Paparazzi” left off, with Gaga entering a Los Angeles prison to serve time for her crimes. What follows is hyper-stylized whirlwind of lust, death, and product placement. With roughly 47 costume changes.

“What I like about it is it’s a real true pop event,” Ms. Germanotta told Seacrest back in February. “When I was younger I was always excited when there was a big giant event happening in pop music and that’s what I wanted this to be.”

As Gaga’s tour openers (and “Telephone” cameo band) Semi-Precious Weapons tipped to MTV, the video carries a whiff of Quentin Tarantino, and not just because he rented Gaga and Beyonce the Kill Bill Pussy Wagon to use as transportation. Akerlund’s new epic (just 90 seconds longer than “Paparazzi”) constantly recalls Tarantino’s unique talent to mix graphic violence with classic one-liners. The instant-hit quote trending on Twitter? “Once you kill the cow, you’ve got to make a burger.”

The over-the-top video is explicit in every sense of the word — violent, colorful, slightly disturbing, and it even includes some barely-censored nudity. In a nutshell, it’s bizarre.

What do you think of “Telephone”? Too long? Not worth the hype? Or is it absolutely perfect the way it is? If nothing else, between Gaga’s cheetah-print jumpsuit, translucent chef uniform, skimpy Americana get-up, and about a billion more wardrobe changes, there’s about twelve different Halloween costumes to choose from!

  • AalexisR (The Bahamas)

    It was cool. Would have been better minus the hype I guess.

  • horatio

    STUPID! was the product placement necessary? she doesn't have enough money to fund her own videos at this point? “Carries a whiff of Tarantino” – direct f*n ripoff. cheap as hell ripoff. the song sucks and she has nothing but shock value to show for anything. STUPID.

  • popculturemaiden

    I really liked the video. It was certainly fun. Everyone can bemoan the length of a video, but it'll still hold your attention the whole way through. It certainly packed message, and a good deal of pop references, that's for sure!

  • lorenw

    This video is a work of genius! Hands down, Gaga is the most intriguing artist out there right now.

  • Sweetie

    I am disappointed. This video sends a disgusting message. They committed a mass murder and then danced around the dead bodies WEARING American FLAGS! It wasn't entertaining in the least.

  • Dennis

    I totally agree

  • jb88

    disgusting devil disappointed in you beyonce :(

  • shantell milton

    As far as Im concerned neither of the two have a video that I would pay ten cents for dont get me wrong Beyonce is beautiful and a great singer but her videos are wack and always have been as far as videos she needs to go back to school on that one Gaga no comment yea terrible people will do anything for money.

  • Marissa

    I really like Lady Gaga's music, but Telephone was not one of my favorites. I mean, the chorus is ok, but I just didn't like the style of the verses. It was like she put a paragraph to music, and it wasn't very entertaining or stimulating. As for the music video, I'm not shocked or horrified. It just wasn't entertaining to me at all. They overacted, and the plot was barely there. Plus, there was just too much focus on the outfits!!! I know thats Gaga's thing, but come on… it wasn't worth it.

  • Becky

    What did you expect from a Lady Gaga music video? I'm honestly wondering, as all her videos have put a focus on what she's wearing (or not wearing).

  • alletsn

    burn the video it is disgusting full of evil, singing naked infront of dead bodies, nonsense, burn the video

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  • MegaMocky

    lols, i so do a music video with that crazy bitch lady gaga, lols at telephone hat

  • Chas Gebbia

    Lady Gaga is encouraging her fans to be celibate. Not fair: not all of us can reproduce asexually like you

  • Mrs Cheetah Print

    I love Lady Gaga, her styling is so exciting – although I prefer “Paparazzi” as my long time favourite.

  • Deeebz

    LOL an oldie but a goodie, gaga sure has some on screen talent. I wonder if she’ll ever jump into the movies?

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    Gaga is the best pop artist after Michael …. Great for her!

  • New iPhone 5

    ..two best female singers of the world…love em both :)

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