Jennifer Lopez Details The “Story Of My Life” In A New Stargate Track

Jennifer Lopez appears to be continuing after more of a pop vibe on her upcoming studio album. Case in point: the synthy mid-tempo track “Story Of My Life,” which recently surfaced and is said to be produced by frequent Ne-Yo collaborators Stargate. The tune, which you can hear below, has a bit of a Madonna “Rain” feel to it, especially in the middle bit.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Jennifer Lopez – Story Of My Life” dl=”0″]

We have to admit, it’s actually kind of refreshing to hear Lopez going for softer, more poignant material after being subjected to years of her plastic faux-urban fodder like “Jenny From The Block” and “Ain’t It Funny.” Because, J.Lo, you’re about as street as a French poodle with a silver spoon jammed in its mouth.

Add to that her newly rediscovered sense of humor, and we just might be on board with this upcoming album.

Lopez confirmed last month that she is no longer signed with Sony. She’s said to now be putting the finishing touches on her deal with Island Def Jam, which will now release her upcoming seventh studio LP.