Mika Fails To “Kick-Ass” In His Latest Music Video

Mika’s most recent album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, failed to capture the interest of American music fans, as the album peaked at #19 on the Billboard 200. But can teaming up with a red hot producer and attaching his name to a superhero flick push the British pop darling into the mainstream? Mika and Lady Gaga’s beloved collaborator RedOne melded minds together in the studio for “Kick-Ass,” the lead single from the upcoming action-comedy of the same name. Watch the track’s video below and see if this is the song to launch the singer to superhero status.

Mika – “Kick-Ass”

For a song and movie called Kick-Ass, we think this video could have used a heck of a lot more, well, kickin’ ass. They didn’t give Mika much to do in this vid, opting instead to focus on random clips from the film that don’t really make us want to run out opening weekend to see the flick. Personally, we would have thrown a cape on the sexy pop star, plopped him in front of a green screen and turned him into a superhero intead of a nerdy rooftop singer belting to the sky.

The song itself features Mika doing what he does best: showing off his fancy falsetto and powering through the song with gutsy emotion. It’s a different direction for the Brit singer, too, with a heavier electro beat we haven’t heard on any of his previous singles. However, the track is a bit repetitive and unremarkable—we doubt “Kick-Ass” is destined to make a mark on pop-culture the way other-underdog-superhero flick Mystery Men accomplished with Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” (Nine years after the song came and went, Saturday Night Live is still writing sketches about it!)

Still, RedOne hopes you give it a fair shot—he tweeted, “I really Hope you enjoy the song KICK-ASS, i did with The “Incredibly talented” SuperStar in My EYES @mikasounds!!!!!” What say you, Mika fans? Does this song kick-ass, or will it disappear faster than a speeding bullet?