“Iamamiwhoami” Mystery Artist Revealed—We Think

Mar 16th, 2010 // 12 Comments

We haven’t really touched on the viral mystery of “iamamiwhoami,” the unidentified artist uploading several disturbing, puzzling and even erotic videos featuring haunting melodies. Everyone else on the Internet seemed to be doing the dirty digging work for us anyway, and besides, we were 99.9% sure it was Justin Bieber the whole time. But now we (are pretty sure) we finally have an answer to who was behind the whole production.

Although there is no official confirmation from the singer, the crack detectives at Oh No They Didn’t are fairly certain Swedish singer/songwriter Jonna Lee is the wide-eyed, mystery blonde licking trees and writhing in muddy water in the videos. Their evidence? They matched up the noses, teeth, and eyes of both women by comparing photos of both women; a piano shown in a previous Lee video was also seen in the latest “iamamiwhoami” video, along with the same band mates appearing in both artists’ clips; and finally, a twitpic uploaded by Lee over the summer appeared to be part of the set of one of the mystery videos.

“If Jonna is involved in this, we have no knowledge of such,” said Jamie Jaffe, who works for Lee’s North American management team, Philadelphonic, to MTV. Not exactly a denial, but is a confirmation even necessary at this point?

Here’s what the lady in question looks like without being covered in mud or plastic:

jonnaleeflyersxswNeed more proof? Here you go.

Over the last few weeks, many names were thrown around, including Nine Inch Nails, Lady Gaga, MGMT, and other Swedish artist Lykke Li. Despite her rep denying she had any part in these clips, most people seemed to believe that Christina Aguilera was behind the whole thing. After all, she has a new album coming out, and since she’s expanding her musical horizons by working with alternative acts like Goldfrapp, Ladytron and The Neptunes, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine Christina experimenting with her videos or adopting an edgier persona as well.

According to Jonna Lee’s MySpace Music page, she’s set to play at South By Southwest March 18 through 20, so we’ll see if she breaks the news herself, because rest assured, she’s not getting out of SXSW alive without somebody point-blank asking her about this.

Here are all the “iamamiwhoami” videos in the order they were uploaded to YouTube, still worth a watch even though the mystery’s been more or less solved. As you can see, all seven videos create a story of some human (or creature?) being born in the cold Earth and slowly making her way out of the mud and into the warmth of a house with other living beings. What does that mean? And what’s with the numbers? And the random drawings of animals? We have no idea. But we can’t wait for the name of the director of these videos to be revealed, because they are disturbingly gorgeous.

  1. Kev

    It's pretty much been confirmed who the director is if you look on the popjustice forums discussing this. It will certainly be interesting to see what Jonna says about this, and if it was ever intended to become this 'big'. My guess is that she didn't intend it to be.

  2. toasterdevil

    My guess is you are wrong. Those are some pretty good production values. I think they were shooting pretty high on this one.

  3. Kev

    What I mean is, I doubt that before all this she intended people to think it was Christina, Lady Gaga etc. She probably didn't know that CA had a new album out soon and that her fans would think it's her.

  4. I think this is one of the most interesting viral videos on the net… so artistic and inspirational. I think imma go set in some mud and see what I can come up with…

  5. Corey

    I don't think that even IF it is Jonna Lee, that she's the actual creative force behind the project. She MIGHT be the girl in the videos and the vocalist, but there is NO WAY she wrote or created any of the music based on what her previous work sounds like. This stuff is far too dark and complex compared to her happy go lucky pop with a guitar stuff (crap if you ask me) that she's released before.

    Plus, I don't have any idea how she could have afforded to make these videos being someone with barely 200,000 myspace views. Sure, Myspace is pretty irrelevant at this point, but regional acts in Michigan get more views than that.
    So, my thought is if Jonna Lee is in fact the vocalist and the girl in these videos, she must have been working with someone LIKE Trent Reznor, not necessarily him, but someone known for deep, dark music who also has a hefty bankroll.

  6. It's Princess from Zeigeist's new project. read theglitoris.com. I saw Joanna Lee at SXSW and she was folksy as hell. TRUST

  7. Hey Becky, I think I've figured out another member of iamamiwhoami, one of the three guys in the “b” video. Check out my sleuthing and see what you think!


  8. Have you seen this iamamiwhoami-MASHUP already? WONDERFUL idea!

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  10. Charlotte

    Have you ever heard what Trent Reznor sounded like before he started doing drugs?

    Case in point.

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