Justin Bieber Announces My World Summer Tour, Performs With Sean Kingston

Mar 16th, 2010 // 6 Comments

Justin Bieber brought out a surprise guest during his New York City album release party—none other than his “Eenie Meenie” duet partner Sean Kingston. And if you thought the lyrics “Shorty is an eenie meenie miney moe lover” were pure Shakespeare on the recorded version, wait till you get a load of the screaming tweens in the audience shouting the poetry back at the Bieb live. Watch the clip (courtesy of I Heart Radio)—where the 16-year-old also admits he’s been flashed before by over-enthusiastic female fans—below.

“I had a couple girls flash me before,” Justin told the crowd. “It was pretty insane.” When asked if he covered his eyes (yeah, right), Bieber replied, “No. I mean—I try not to look.”

This admission not only brought about more high-pitched screaming from the fans in the audience, it’ll likely ensure that Bieber will be getting flashed more often. Smart kid.

Anyway, the “Baby” singer just announced his 40-city My World summer tour, which will run from June through September and boasts Bieber’s “Eenie Meenie” mate Sean Kingston as opening act. Head over to fan site BieberFever.com for the full list of dates—and remember, bras are optional.

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