Adam Lambert Rocks Tokyo—What’s Japanese For “Glambert”?

Mar 17th, 2010 // 48 Comments

“I never thought of myself as sexy,” Adam Lambert says through his translator while appearing on Japanese talk show Sukkiri this week. “I’m just having fun, and I guess people find it sexy.” Please, Glambert! The flashy pop prince looked all sorts of seductive during the TV taping, wearing an outfit even more fierce—and certainly spikier—than the one he donned in our Caption This contest pic. (Although it does look like his platonic make-out partner Ke$ha barfed glitter all over his face.) Check out Adam’s lost-in-translation interview after the jump, along with a powerful performance of “For Your Entertainment.”

Adam’s dangerous look—which he calls “glam jungle chic”— was custom made by the Blonds fashion line. As for the makeup? “It took about a half hour,” Adam estimates. “Tweezers are very handy.” Just a half hour? Guy’s got the guyliner down to a science. Check out Adam’s amused and perplexed expression below while being interviewed by about four different people—plus, Orianthi makes a cameo and give Lambert some tips about being a tourist in Japan.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. musiclover1

    He is sooooooo beautiful and MULTI-TALENTED! YAYY! We want more and more Adam.
    Adam is already a worldwide superstar and this is just THE BEGINNING OF HIS CAREER!!

  2. YR66

    I lived in Japan for a couple of years and I can tell you I'm amazed at how at ease he is with a totally different culture…he came across so well in his conversation, which I found not a lot of Western stars can do over there. They did a great job in highlighting Adam's achievements as well…hope this really helps him sweep Japan!


    Adam is always great! My heart kept on pounding watching him perform in this Japanese show and I found myself crying…couldnt understand myself. Maybe part of it is happiness knowing how he is being embraced by other countries…it doesnt mean that when some Americans criticize him, other countries dont like him. Opinions of Americans are not the only ones that count, you know! There are other countries aside from USA!!!

  4. Rocker_Girl

    I love these vids. Have watched them both several times. I am so proud of Adam and the star treatment he is getting on his international promo tour. So far Australia, Singapore, Japan and now on to the UK and Germany..

    Also, his album is now Gold in US, New Zealand, Singapore and Platinum in Canada. It is amazing how the US wants to sweep Mr. Lambert under the rug while these other areas are thrilled to watch him sing and perform in all manner of outfits and glitter.

    The Japan TV show linked here was so cute. Reminds me of an animated mix between a US daytime game show and a cartoon. So upbeat and happy:-)

    Adam is a rising Super Star and someday perhaps non-Lambert fans in the US will realize that and embrace him for the talented, versatile, creative and over the top performer that he is – and just have fun with it like the rest of us Adam lovers.

  5. revcat

    That was so funny! Loved it! Adam did a good job singing FYE, but it was especially entertaining watching him trying to keep up with all the hosts' chatter!

  6. snowqueen

    Adam is so beautiful! We need to hear more of his music on the radio. If the Japanese can have Adam perform this song on a morning TV show, why can't we hear it on the radio. I thought America was the land of the free, not the land of the blacklisted, and censored. What has happened to us? Why are we turning into a nation of sheep to be lead around by the narrow-minded few? I like this song. I want to hear it on the radio. We need to stop being so complacent about freedom of expression, and freedom of speech before we end up being led to slaughter because that is what happens to complacent sheep.

  7. Kate

    I totally agree. For a country that's supposed to be so liberal and diversified, some (too many) Americans can be so close-minded. I'm so happy to see other countries appreciate this great talent. Maybe some time soon more of “phobic” U.S. will come to realize the humble, gentle, major-league talent that is Adam Lambert. Thought it was so Adam (not a conceited bone in his body) to say that he never thought of himself as being sexy–he may not see himself that way, but we sure do.

  8. musiclover1

    YYYYYAAYYYYYYY! I am ecstatic happy for Adam! Adam worked for many, many years to get here and he deserves every second of you success!


  9. Erica

    Those vocals and dance moves were flawless and sexy!!!
    That outfit is the hottest outfit I have seen anyone wear!

  10. Americana

    Shame on USA that doesn't let this super hot performance on national TV and radio!
    Fuck all of that trash we have to hear on the radio instead of a real singer like Adam!

  11. ianaleah

    Adam is so good natured and pleasant, poised and good-hearted-people who interview him always like him, even here in usa which has so many ugly hateful bigots. I'm glad he get these good experiences. He is a nice guy.

  12. cheyennew

    That was precious! Would love some translation, but I could get the gist. It made me laugh and clap like an idiot at my computer. Thank goodness we can get goodies like this about Adam. AI is a total bust, just makes me sad to watch remembering Adam last year. I think that is the best performance of FYE yet. Loved his sexy dance moves-I've been waiting for some choreography-he really is a good dancer.And I loved that outfit, very fierce, very dangerous-literally! His interactions with his hosts were lovely to watch-they were adorable.

  13. Glambertforever

    That is so sad. You can't hear FYE on the radio. Even China, FYE is #1 on radio chart. Hello, where is American freedom? Adam might have to launch his second Album in outsider of country instead of United Sates.

  14. Glambert_japan

    Because Adam has a kind and open heart. He is a true artist who respect and appreciate the others all the time. beautiful spirit!!

  15. cherch

    Cheyennew, that last sentence about throwing yourself in front of a plane to keep Adam here was absolutely hysterically funny. i tried to imagine you doing that. I might join you if he tries to leave permanently. My friend says you have to make sure he comes back first. They obviously want to keep him over there. My only hope is that it's not a jumbo jet. lol

  16. cheyennew

    I might get that 'run down' feeling!  Yes, I will share him with the world-I want everyone to love and appreciate him…but, he's ours!

  17. cherch

    Ok, small private jet owned by record company that will definitely return him. He is ours and hopefully many more people will learn to appreciate our mega-talented Adam. Wonder what he's going to sing when he performs on S9 in April? Toned down Adam you think? lol Anything to alleviate the dullness of this season.

  18. Kevin

    Well don't be so pessimistic. US is just a few steps behind. He's still doing good for a rookie.
    But I also see potentials in this young man as an international superstar.

  19. Stea

    Only one thing: why the hell is the man on the programme touching him…. So jealous…

  20. pipi

    The make up is indeed very refreshing. Beautiful and different. And the blonde custome design is amazing! That claw matched the dance!
    Did he do this all by himself? WOW.
    Btw, def one of the best For Your Entertainment performances. Such a good song.

  21. Freya77

    Maybe this is why he lost… he just couldn't be an american idol, coz he's too good for an american idol! HES A WORLD IDOL

  22. beatka

    I love Adam…. His performance was Adamgastic!!
    As far as your question… “where is American Freedom? ” are you asking literally or rhetorically? In any case, I am suggesting that you get answer to your question by googling a few movies and watching them:
    Freedom to Fascism
    Creature from Jekyll Island
    Obama's Deception
    It will open your eyes like nothing else will…

  23. FanAdamtastic

    OMG, he gave them an autographed make-up mirror as a present! I laughed myself silly over that! I just love him.

  24. Kate

    This has to be the funniest thing I have seen in ages! It's like Adam landed on another planet! He is too adorable! He is towering above them, spikes, sequined eyes, claws, that beautiful smile, engaging as always… as if he really is that glittery alien just dropping by for a visit. There really is no one like him.

  25. Kate

    Sorry if I sounded that way. I guess I just have gotten tired of the negative press that I see about Adam. He's truly gifted and I just would like others to see what we see–to appreciate him for his talent. I don't care about all the other extraneous nonsense. His personal life is his own and should remain that way. Thanks for your response. And I agree; he is doing well for a rookie–defintely has major superstar potential.

  26. Kate

    Unfortunately, we turned into a vanilla nation. Along comes someone like Adam with some other flavors, and for some reason (it's beyond me), America can't deal with it. I grew up in the 70's and 80's when we were a “freedom of speech and expression” country. I don't know when that changed, but I would like to see us go back to that time. I hope Adam keeps pushing the boundries and stays true to himself. I agree with you that he is a beautiful person with incredible talent. Let's hope for the best.

  27. cheyennew

    I've been thinking about that, too.  First off, I think he will get a tremendous response.  He is so obviously missed on that show.  I wonder…could be 'If I Had You', which is supposed to be his next single, though I wish it was 'Sleepwalker'.  Can't wait, whatever he sings.  I also wonder what he'll wear, how his hair will be…sounds like last season, huh?

    I really wish about 1000 people would greet his plane when he returns to the US. Wouldn't that be great?  Get on that, will you?

  28. staciegirlie

    You're extremely right, Snowqueen. We need to watch out for our freedoms before we wake up one day and find that we have none left.

  29. staciegirlie

    P.S. If you want to begin working towards standing up for your freedom, you need to begin with Jerry Fawell, his Liberty University Law School and the FCC. (and this is no lie).

    These people have their lobbyists in Washington DC as we speak, lobbying to wring from our society as much of our freedoms as they can get away with.

  30. ianaleah

    Adam is enchanting and exciting, intriguing and interesting and sweet and sexy.

  31. Becky

    True – I can't remember him wearing anything THAT crazy on American TV. (Then again, that Idol finale birdcage shoulder pad/S&M Frankenstein get-up he wore wasn't exactly subtle.)

  32. cherch

    He lives in LA. Too far from me. He already did Sleepwalker on Leno. Maybe Strut since he did it for Ellen's birthday and Kara wrote it. Who knows? You can never guess what he'll do. It'll probably leak the day before. One of his fansites will find out and let us know. They're supposing it'll be April 21st on Idol Gives Back. I have no clue.

  33. snowqueen

    I think Adam should sing
    'FYE', or 'Fever' when he performs on 'Idol' in April. I love the outfit, and makeup he wore for that performance of 'FYE' in Japan. I hope he does a repeat of that. 'Voodoo' would be even better. can you imagine what he could do with that song. It would be unbelievable. The only way we can fight the bigotry, hate, and blacklisting of Adam is to be as loud, no, make that louder, than the narrow-minded idiots who try to discriminate agaist him. They will only get away with it if we let them. We are not going to let them. We want Adam to be able to come back to his own country and perform the amazing songs he has created.

  34. earlzagurl4umiitoi

    A spike is sticking,,,,,,where???? I LOVE YOU, ADAM!!!!

  35. Kerri

    Hello – all major us talk shows have embraced him, he gets lots of radio play, sells out every concert, gets lots of vieo plays. I think his American fans, and all others, just really want him to go on tour – soon.

  36. Mad4Adam

    Adam in Japan! Amazing as always. I laughed. I applauded. I screamed with delight! My heart just goes out to Adam where ever and whatever he is doing. He says he didn't know he is sexy, he is just having fun. Well, Adam, you've been bringing fun into my life since I first set eyes on you on American Idol. There has been no one to match you, not even close on that show. It's deadly boring without you!!!! I've been waiting for someone with your talent, looks, boldness, sassiness for years to show up – you're OVER THE TOP and I LOVE IT. You said it yourself in your song – you were born with “glitta on your face”!!!!!

  37. terie

    So many POSITIVE comments here there's not much more I can add except to say I have never enjoyed an ADAM interview as I have been on his world tour. Those DJs & interviewers are so taken with ADAM … and I don't blame them. I thought his interview on the View was hilarious but this one from Japan had me ROTFL with tears in my eyes. They ALL love you ADAM … maybe even more than some of your own countrymen. But there are enough of us here to make up for the lack of appreciation so come home for those of us who LOVE you dearly!

  38. kumulus

    cheyennew, thanks for voicing what I think, too. People keep bashing the U.S. and saying it doesn't embrace Adam, but they seem to forget that he got to the end on one of the most popular, if not THE most popular realilty show, which is voted on by, yes, that's right, Americans! There was only about 1.1% difference between him and Kris, according to There are tons & tons of Americans who love Adam. Of course some don't, but all entertainers have some who don't like them! P.S. Count me in as one laying down in front of the plane!

  39. cheyennew

    Good, that's 3 of us in front of that plane!

  40. LSCHN

    Love this performance. His dancers could be a little tighter, though.

  41. Mel

    I definitely agree. Plus, Adam, a rockstar, may have received a fine enough reception on this just for fun talk show, but in my experience in Japan there's a huge difference between what's okay in the media and what's okay with people. Things may have changed, but when I lived in Kyoto awhile back it wasn't okay to be out. You didn't get people burning down your door, but it wasn't okay to talk about it in public either. I feel like it's a million times easier to be out in America than in Japan!

  42. Adam Lambert is such a great idol figure. I think his stylist is a little bit aggresive though :) Great picture.

  43. Adam Lambert is sexy! I must be too as we share the same birthdays 29th Jan

  44. Pam

    Thanks & keep on blogging!

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