Today In ‘Idol’: Did Ryan Seacrest Ruin The Ratings?

Mar 19th, 2010 // 1 Comment

:: Ryan tweeted that Lacey Brown was kicked off Idol before the show aired on the west coast, which may have resulted in the show having its worst ratings ever. Ryan, next time just tweet “spoiler alert” first and you’ll be fine. [Idol Tracker]

:: It’s Lil Idols! Check out the contestants’ baby photos. Turns out Michael Lynche was “Big Mike” even when he was an infant. [People]

:: Rock of Ages‘ Constantine Maroulis’ caricature at Sardi’s reminds us of a foreign lover on the cover of a romance novel. We love Constantine, but it looks nothing like him. [MJsbigblog]

:: Kris Allen tweeted a pic of him peeing in a men’s room. We don’t know why. Just we know you’re curious to see it. [@krisallen]

:: Here are the 5 reasons Season 9 of American Idol might just be the best season yet. Don’t look at us that way, just read it. [Idolator]

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