Nobody Tells Alison Goldfrapp When To Start Lip Syncing!

Well, there are really no two ways about this one. Alison Goldfrapp appeared on Italian program Quelli Che Aspettano last night to promote new album Head First, and totally missed her vocal cue during the performance of “Rocket.” And by that, we mean her cue to start lip syncing. The host seemed annoyed and called for the music to stop playing, causing Alison to complain about balloons on the floor or something.

Then she did what anyone should do in this situation—just kind of laughed the whole thing off. Like the recent Ke$ha vs. Justin Bieber incident, this is a total non-scandal in our book—though still a little cringe-inducing to watch. Have at it after the jump.

On the up side, Head First is out today (and already #6 on iTunes!), Alison is hot and our interview with her will be here tomorrow. See that—who needs TV, anyway?