Watch Justin Bieber’s Out Of This ‘World’ Performances

Mar 23rd, 2010 // 2 Comments

Justin Bieber fans, what’s better than Ke$ha’s little “baby” releasing his second album My World 2.0 today? No, no—don’t give us that “nothing” nonsense. It’s our favorite cougar hunter’s live performances of new jams “U Smile,” “Baby” and “That Should Be Me,” along with old Bieber chestnuts like “One Less Lonely Girl” and “One Time”! That’s right, tweens—today is an out-and-out Bieb bonanza, and the last one to race below and take in this acoustic pop madness is going to be a very lonely girl, indeed.

“One Less Lonely Girl” — Simply dreamy!

“U Smile” — No, Justin—you smile!

“One Time” — Twenty more times! PLEASE!

“That Should Be Me” — We say this on a daily basis, Justin. Usually when watching the lottery results—er, we mean reading about whomever you’re flirting with.

“Baby” — You don’t know if we know this song? Justin, we downloaded it 46 times today alone because it’s like baby, baby, baby ooooh!

Something tells us these two are very happy right now.

[Via MTV Buzzworthy Blog]


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  2. Well, that's tonight's reading selection sorted out, then!

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