Justin Bieber Spins His Axis Of Tweendom Onto ‘Letterman’

Mar 24th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Like all good kiddies, you were tucked snugly into bed last night when The Late Show With David Letterman aired. (Well, unless, maybe, you’re these two—they just seem like trouble.) But fear not, tweens and Barbara Walters—for we have that flirty, mop-haired lothario Justin Bieber’s performance on the late night program after the jump.

Yes, it was a particularly rousing rendition of “Baby” that the Bieb threw down last night—one that said, “I just wiped up the MTV floor with my golden swagger, stole the #1 spot on iTunes and made the entire View panel blush with my wily charms.”

As one commenter on Apple’s digital music store said so succinctly, “Why is everyone obsessing over this five-year-old girl?”  Oops—wrong quote! We meant this one: “Every single song on My World 2.0 is absolutely amazing!”

  1. Justin's manager, Scooter, just got arrested in NY for slow tweeting!

  2. That's right, folks—think before you (don't) tweet!

  3. one less lonely boy lol

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