Owl City Wants You To Look Up At The “Vanilla Twilight” And Do Little Else

Owl City’s video for “Vanilla Twilight” is composed of various people (and dogs!) staring up at a bunch of mysterious unfurling clouds in the sky. Not so coincidentally, we share the same stupefied expression as many of the actors in the video while watching the clip. You, too, can stare aimlessly at Owl City’s new video by taking the jump.

Owl City – “Vanilla Twilight”

The video, directed by Steve Hoover, was filmed on the Historic North Side district of Pittsburgh, PA. We’re pretty sure OC one-man-band Adam Young intended the collection of pastel-colored clouds to be so beautiful, people couldn’t stop but stare in wonder. (Think that plastic bag in American Beauty or the opera played on the loudspeaker during The Shawshank Redemption.) Unfortunately, “Vanilla Twilight” comes off more like that scene in just about every science fiction movie where aliens are about to enter Earth’s atmosphere, and everyone on the ground stops in their tracks to look up at the sky, caught between curiosity and terror. We’re halfway expecting a bunch of monsters to burst through the sky and start destroying humanity. (And Shaq. Is that Shaq?)

Picture 4 The bigger question remains: Why didn’t Owl City just name this song “Vanilla Twilight New Moon Eclipse” to pander to the teen demographic a little bit more?