Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun Arrested

The My World 2.0 promo trail just got a little lonelier for Justin Bieber. The 16-year-old pop sensation’s manager Scooter Braun was arrested today by Nassau County police on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance stemming from the stampede that occurred at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island last November, where Bieber was expected to sign autographs. Ten thousand fans at the event began to riot, causing the cancellation of the gig.

The New York Times reports that, at the time, Braun was asked by police to send messages via Twitter saying that the event was canceled. Though he claims he sent two tweets within seven minutes, prosecutors are saying Braun’s messages didn’t appear until two hours later.

As for Justin Bieber’s thoughts on the whole matter, you need look no further than—where else?—Twitter, where there’s now even a #FreeScooter hashtag:

“You’ve got my total support @scooterbraun Wish you were here in Chicago with us #FreeScooter”

If found guilty, the Times notes that Scooter Braun could face up to a year in prison. Gotta love technology!

  • http://justin.bieber.com/ Justin Bieber fan

    You to admire Scooter's dedication to his client. He'll do anything to keep Justin in the news, even jail time.

  • http://www.idolator.com/ Robbie Daw

    The Bieber machine is more well-oiled than Madonna's ever was, it seems!

  • http://www.bigapplechannel.com/ Andrew Sansone

    Yea, this was a trending topic all day on twitter http://bit.ly/c69BNb

  • http://twitter.com/JMstein Jonathan Stein ✔

    Did you see this??? http://bit.ly/9QmtaH – Scooter Braun asked police, “Do I at least get my one tweet?” Please comment and RT

  • Katy_hearts_JB

    what a pathetic excuse to arrest some one

  • Sally Bieber

    Poor Scooter, its not his fault that all them girls started rioting but he is being punished which is obviously going to have some knock on affect to justin which is an outrage in my books haha FREE SCOOTER BRAUN!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grace-Davis/1801040268 Grace Davis

    FREE SCOOTER who ever pressed charges, you must be stupid, Pathetic, and lonely

  • Riot Control

    Free Scooter , Arrest Justin Bieber , Kid Drop some Balls

  • princess.Dd

    Omg! i cant belive they actually are stupid enough to arest someone that is completely inosent! he did nothing to deserve this it wasnt his fault people disided to act this way! just because the tweet didnt go threw right away doesnt mean he deserves a year in jail! FREE SCOOTER!

  • Cierra

    I thought Justin Bieber's manager was Usher? Well I thought I knew almost everything about him so there must be alot more I must no know!!!

  • miss_comunication

    I think it is compleatly wrong for someone to arrest now I am not a fan of justin bieber at all I think that he is a self obsessed human being in which has let the power of all his fans go to his head!! But that is just my opinion.

  • valerie

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  • justin biebers girl friend

    hey people well its me again and they should free scooter FREE IT A FREE WORLD!!!

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  • http://justinbieber raiane cristina

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