MTV’s ‘Diary of Justin Bieber’ Will Probably Not Include His Weird Relationship With Usher

Mar 25th, 2010 // 17 Comments

This Sunday, MTV will give everyone a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a teen phenomenon touring the globe in The Diary of Justin Bieber. We’re guessing about 50% of the special will just be Bieber looking down at his Blackberry, tweeting for hours at a time, but the other half should be an introspective look at the 16-year old’s nonstop, jet-setting life as he promotes his album My World 2.0 and interacts with his fans.

What we probably won‘t be privy to in the doc is just how weird he and Usher’s relationship is as mentor and protege (and total BFFs). So it’s a good thing we have this Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy video that lays it all out for us. Watch below.

Justin Bieber And Usher Have a Weird Relationship

The clip begins similarly to Bieber’s video for “One Time” in which he gets a phone call from Mr. Raymond while playing video games. Then it gets… weird. “Sleeping in bunk beds in a grown man’s home, sharing a toothbrush and sharing a comb,” sings faux-Bieb. “Hanging with Usher, he lets me drink wine, if I have too much, I lose huge chunks of time.”

We already knew Justin Bieber was a bad-ass (or is at least portrayed as one in other comedy bits circling the web)—who knew he learned all his tricks from his mentor? We know these videos are all for jokes, but seriously, Mama Bieber, you may want to keep an eye on your kid. He’s one of the few teen idols out there who doesn’t wear a purity ring, after all.


  1. Shari S-Q

    Justin will be performing at the Kid’s Choice Awards this Saturday where Keke Palmer will be presenting! You guys should post about Keke Palmer too. She’s been doing some really great stuff like this,

    Check it Out!

  2. kidrauhllover

    justin bieber is a sweet person he would never drink

  3. JBelieber<3

    y does it matter if he doesnt wear a purity ring???? just because hes a 16 year old super star doesnt mean he has to be a virgin???? and his mom's last name isnt even BIEBER it's MALLETTE so obviously who ever wrote this doesnt know sh!t

  4. Essynce

    Yea ur rite n dis isnt even real justin doesnt look lk dat n netha does usher

  5. Emma

    usher rocks
    beaver fails.

  6. AVERY836

    hey um usher is cool bieber doesnt and u might need to get a checkup becuz thats not either of them

  7. Becky

    You're right. He doesn't need to be a virgin at 16. Jump on board, ladies!

  8. katty232

    you have a problem.

  9. tabitha08

    all your haters of justin biber stop now he did not do iney thing to you

  10. bob

    justin bieber does wear a purity ring

  11. Kiersey

    is this serious? this isnt even justin and user lmfao and all the info is wrong

  12. jbloverforever3

    All you haters need to shut up.
    He's just living life like a regular celebrity!
    He never did anything to anyone that's harmful
    or blaaah. Just get a life and stop talking shizz.

    If you dont like him. why did you search his name and
    look at his vids in the first place?!? Why'd you go on this website!?


  13. 3670Chris

    I dont remember whats time The Diary of Justin comming?

  14. whatever

    You DONT know justin and you CANT say you hate him if you personally don’t know him. hate is a really strong word and i guess you aren’t a christian or anything because I am and God loves everyone so christians should to.
    here is a message to those haters that are christians and love God-
    God does NOT hate anyone. If you want to be like God then you shouldn’t hate either. Justin was created in Gods image and you are saying bad things about him because you are insecure with yourself and have to say bad things about people because you have nothing else to do. Well its Rude. Whoever made this, well thats bad and rude. I hope you are NOT a christian because this is nothing a christian would EVER do. this is just terrible. hate is a terrible word. Don’t use it. Justin is a great person and he can sing. If you don’t like him then just stop talking bad about him, don’t listen to his music and just give it up because they’re is so many fans out there.
    Hate is bad for the soul
    Don’t Hate!
    hate is a terrible word.
    Definition of hate
    to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.

  15. kuin abigail

    hate is bad for the ilovio forever

  16. all haters can eat a dick!

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