Christina Aguilera Teases With A Snippet Of “Not Myself Tonight”

Christina Aguilera is really dragging out this whole business with her new music. Tuesday brought the single cover for “Not Myself Tonight” to her website. Then came the tune’s lyrics on Wednesday, and the Bionic cover art on Thursday.

So here we are now with an 18-second clip of the Polow Da Don-produced “Not Myself Tonight” on our hands. It’s a brief but telling glimpse into the electro dance-pop swagger Xtina is said to be aiming for with the new album. Listen below and see if you dig Xtina’s electro vibe.

Now, granted, it’s tough to judge a song on a clip this short. But here’s hoping that when “Not Myself Tonight” is revealed in full on Tuesday (March 30), it doesn’t portray Christina as artist hopping onto the current dance-pop trend just because that’s what’s filling the charts right now.

This wasn’t the type of music Aguilera started out with, and when singers hop on bandwagons, it not only rings false (Jessica Simpson’s country album, anyone?), but puts a blemish on their career. It also makes for songs that don’t stand the test of time. After all, how often do you hear Madonna’s hip hop jam “Human Nature” or Janet Jackson’s metal-tinged “Black Cat” popping up on the radio as opposed to, say, “Take A Bow” or “Escapade”?

We shall see. In the meantime, here’s Christina’s “Keeps Gettin’ Better” from 2008, a song she took some criticism over for its similarities to Goldfrapp’s “Ooh La La”:

  • dingdong6565
  • Anthony

    Contradiction at its finest I see. How can an artist, such as Christina Aguilera jump on any 'dance-pop' bandwagon if she's OBVIOUSLY been experimenting since 2008? Oh, Robbie D, PLEASE read over what you write before publishing. First and foremost, when talking about a topic such as dance music, understanding the origins and many many facets that dance music has to offer is vitally important. Quick example: Not all R&B music is just R&B right? There is R&B Neo-soul, there is contemporary R&B, so on and so forth…etc

  • jennyli123

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  • moo

    “Hopping on a bandwagon”? Uh, what bandwagon? Christina always changes up her look and sound for every album, would you say she was hopping on a bandwagon on her last album when she went for a 1940s retro vibe? Or when she broke free from her bubblegum pop sound and went for a rawer, more authentic sound on Stripped, experimenting with different genres and singing songs about female empowerment? She has said, WAY before Lady Gaga broke on the scene by the way, that her next record would be an electro-pop type of thing. It's just unfortunate that since then, everyone has decided to do the same thing.