Miley Cyrus And Jay Leno Dish About Cute Boys And ‘Idol’

Mar 26th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Miley Cyrus brought her pants-lacking self onto The Tonight Show last night, and she and Jay Leno engaged in what can only be described as girl talk, chit-chatting about topics spanning from reality shows to Miley’s new Aussie boyfriend. We’re surprised she and Jay didn’t end up braiding each other’s hair. Clips after the jump.

The reluctant pop star discusses ending Hannah Montana (and detesting the itchy Hannah wig), saying sayonara to Twitter, and admits that although she had fun mentoring the American Idol Top 11, she would never be able to compete on the show (because it’s “mad scary”). Her hardest-to-swallow insight? “The talent is not what they’re lacking…” Not sure how she could say that after seeing Paige Miles this week.

Part I

Jay acts like the uncle who sees his niece once a year and inquires about the new boyfriend in Miley’s life, her The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth. “He’s cute,” says Miley, glowing. “He plays my boyfriend in the movie, which is very convenient. I met him two weeks before filming. We went on a Starbucks date. That’s what you do when you meet your co-star that you have to be kissing for months and months and months, and I was sold.”

Miley doesn’t hold back (does she ever?), and even shares the story of she and Liam’s first smooch. “It was on the first day of filming on the movie,” says Miley. “We have this scene where we frolic in the water… and after that, I got to keep him.” Okay, this interview is pretty adorable. If being in a happy, incredibly “deep” relationship keeps Miley out of trouble, we’re all for it.

Part II

  1. 1chrisford1

    Miley did a good stint on AI. She gave producers the ratings boost they were looking for and intro'd herself to America as she starts on the post-Hannah adult phase of her performing career. She presented very well. Obviously, she isn't the next Mariah Carey when it comes to singing, but a likable young 17-year old with an ability to connect with people. Yeah, too much eye makeup on Tuesday, incessant gum chomping on Wednesday…but show me a teen girl without flaw..
    Her mentoring was a success, if for no other reason than being a huge buck-up to young Aaron and Katie. She also showcased the warm, personal sides of Casey, Crystal, Siobhan, and Lynche.
    Not mentioned in this article, but she said to Leno that Siobhan Magnus and Casey James were her favorites for future success.

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