Listen To Nicki Minaj’s Debut Single “Massive Attack”

FADER fashion diva Nicki Minaj teams back up with her “Get It All” partner Sean Garrett for “Massive Attack,” the first official single from her upcoming debut album. That’s right—this is the first time we’re hearing Nicki as the featured artist on one of her own songs that’s slated for an official label release. Rally the troops and head into the jungle below to detonate “Massive Attack.”

[wpaudio url="" text="Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack" dl="0"]

Twitter minx Minaj raps on the aggressive club jam, “Pop a bottle just to get my head right, tell the doctor go and get my meds right/ Monster, you know it wouldn’t be proper if we didn’t return with a big rocket launcher.”

And, really, we wouldn’t expect Nicki to do any less than come out of the gate charging full force, lyrically, on her debut single. That said, we were expecting maybe a tad more of a melody on the track.

Concrete Loop currently has “Massive Attack” up as their “Hot Or Not” pick, and the site notes that Nicki shot the music video (which will also feature Kanye West’s girlfriend Amber Rose) for the single earlier this month. Hype Williams directed the clip.

Anyway, fronting like a badass is all well and good, but here’s hoping we also get to hear some of the softer side of Nicki once her album finally drops.

  • mslafay

    Will she ever look normal?

  • ebony_tn

    < nicki minaj is a phenomenal, she is the best female rapper. i think at least she could get a lil respect for her new album. in massive attack it wasn't the best but hey she tryed n it went alright. as far as the video it wasn't all that but it was ok. she tryed something new, so it wasn't going to be perfect.

  • Janet

    I dislike that pic…that song wasnt all that…cant wait for her new album though…I love Nicki! <33

  • danielle

    H3y nicki minaj !
    I luv da songz u sing and I im a big fuckin fan of you.
    U are da best (No Homo) but I still love you ;D

  • ew

    this was a hot mess .. the video was worse , she has no flow and she never freestyles all her flows are written and then ones that are not make no sense her wigs not weaves but wigs are an embarrassment. her ass it a BIGGER embarrassment good entertainer though no real talent she will not make it past 2010. WHy are people crying you don’t know Nicki stop ridding dick and cutting your bangs lmfao. Nicki’s a loser the only people who like her and “love: this song live in section 8 housing

  • d9

    hey icould rap the best

  • bubbles

    well i think shes alright i like her music and she doesnt seem to stuck up on her self

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