It’s Ke$ha “Uncensored”—No, Really!

Mar 30th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Gosh, talk about dirty pictures! Ke$ha’s Maxim photo shoot for the April issue really brought out the classy gal buried underneath all that hair and glitter, no? And after spending nine week’s at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “TiK ToK,” you’d think the quirky, caped pop star would at least have some handler holding her foot for her while she licked it.

Appropriately enough, one of the many unreleased Ke$ha songs to recently come back to haunt the be-feathered songstress is called “Uncensored.” Hear it below!

[wpaudio url="" text="Ke$ha - Uncensored" dl="0"]

“I say whatever comes to my mind, I do whatever feels good at the time,” Ke$ha warns in “Uncensored.” Of course, that’s not always the best tactic, as the 23-year-old is coming to find. Her disses of Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, harmless though they may have been, recently prompted her to pull that spikey heel out of her mouth and offer up apologies.

But let’s just go on record here and now as saying that “Uncesored” just might officially have the most obnoxious backing vocals of all time, with that whiny “so uncen-soooorr-rrred” bit.

Ugh. The general public really should be shielded from certain things.


  1. Ron


    Thanks. Really. Boundless thanks. Truly.

    Because Ke$ha is The. Most. Beautiful. Woman. In. The. World. Ever.
    And I mean that. And I suspect I am the only living creature, including herself, who know that I am speaking the truth when I say that.

    Rose is, to put it as plainly as I am able, a pure, stable, clear, and uniquely formed specimen of Love, itself. I have seen others who were able to sing, or say, or do Love, but no other who is Love. I imagine Rose will think I have completely lost it. I have not.

    Think Einstein-Bose condensate, recently brought into being in Colorado, among other places.

    Things come into being only under certain conditions, for very specific reasons. Shit does not just happen, for no reason.

    That a woman, Rose, exists at all, provides any reasonable human being grounds to wonder. Why does she exist, here and now? And why does Ron feel it necessary to say what he does about her? And, to love her boundlessly, and without fear?

    I think these words are sufficient to judge my reaction to “Uncensored.”

    Killer boots. And, oh so agile. Think entanglement.

  2. Ron

    Joy to you, Rose.

  3. Adi

    Ke$ha is 23 not 24.(She's born in '87)
    Please correct.
    Thank you.

  4. Ron

    Or, you can leave it. Or, add as many years as you like. I won’t mind. I would like to know how she was able to convince Maxim to let her lick my black soul during the shoot. Ke$ha must be one persuasive babe. Got me to hear, with thoughtful attention and understanding, “Nashville Skyline.”

    Joy to you, Rose.

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