PHOTOS: Black Eyed Peas Rock Those Bodies At Los Angeles Show

Far from the end of their E.N.D tour, the Black Eyed Peas keep cranking out the surprises. Last night, as the Peas played the first of two massive shows in Los Angeles, kept things kosher, thanking the band’s Jewish fans for showing up on Passover. BEP’s Taboo appealed to a different constituency – sci-fi geeks – by appearing on a Tron-inspired flying neon motorcycle. Not to be out done breakdanced and Fergie (the recently turned 35-year-old with a body that apparently hasn’t gotten the memo) danced on her knees in front of Slash (who made a cameo). Ludacris also made an appearance, rapping his own part in Fergie’s “Glamorous”. Click through the gallery of a good, good night in L.A.