Christina Aguilera Premieres New Single “Not Myself Tonight”

After a week of teases on her official website, Christina Aguilera finally unveiled brand new single “Not Myself Tonight,” the first offering from her upcoming album Bionic, today. As indicated by the 18-second tease of the song last week, it’s pretty much a straight forward pop-dance track that features Xtina’s soulful vocals as well as her trademark penchant for taking things to a naughty level, lyrically.

So enough of the yapping about it, already—head below to listen to “Not Myself Tonight!”

Aguilera’s site notes that “Christina Aguilera Radio” (hosted by Iheartradio) will begin airing numerous new audio segments where she will “discuss Bionic, experiences as a mother, musical inspirations for the album, her charity work with the World Food Programme and more.”

The Polow da Don-produced “Not Myself Tonight” (that beat is highly reminiscent of Chris Brown’s “Forever”—another Polow production) will be made available on iTunes on April 13.

  • Electroman

    It fucking sucks. Not worthy. 2/10.

  • mslafay

    Nice. Did she really say, she is kissing on the boys and girls tonight? That's what's up!!!

  • Tia

    I love it! Hot dance song indeed! Christina can basically sing anything. Her voice is incredible!

  • pop

    i beg to disagree. I respect your opinion. well, 4/5 for me..


    nobody wants to see a 30 year old mom kiss another girl. sorry madonna copycat.

  • James



  • micheleknows

    Poor Christina… this sound like Britney's “Piece of Me”. She is desperate to get some of Gaga & Britney's fame. She's a powed ballad singer. Not a lame dance track bi-sexual married moma song maker! Yikes Christina. This is sad girl. Don't copy… do YOUR thing. Oh well, she must be jealous.

  • Mr. Middletown

    Christina is back love to see strong vocals on a pop song, lover her control. Glad shes out of that whole '40s music thing this should be an interesting year.

  • Michele

    She’s trying to get a piece of Gaga’s fame or even Britney. She’s a ballad singer. She needs to use her power voice, not her… I’m a hot Moma Dance track. This is a sad attempt Christina. Yikes. Sounds like “Piece of Me” or any of the Britney dance tracks. Poor Christina is desperate in the Pop Scene right now.

  • Robbie Daw

    Agree, Mr. M. The song has grown on me after a few listens. The last album was a nice experiment, but it just didn't really carry over well. Christina appears to be ready to have some fun on this new record—which hopefully leads to listeners doing the same.

  • mjsmoke

    I give Christina a lot of respect. I hate that everybody compares her to Britney (who really has NO talent) and Gaga (who really rode Britney’s no talent to new levels) when all the while it was Christina who had the voice, and the talent to succeed. So she took some years off and came back with a straight up pop / dance track, who cares?!?! I’m more excited to hear what the rest of the album sounds like because with collaborators like she has, I would hate for it to be a waste. Welcome back Xtina! Now will you people stop thinking Gaga is the next great thing, we won’t be humming Poker Face in 5 years like we do some other’s peoples stuff…

  • james

    pathetic comment, what age are you? 10? haha

  • daniel

    you guys are all idiots. Listen to her last album she talks dirty in candyman and half the songs. She even has a song called nasty naught girl. You guys are stupid, christina is just raunchy she is always will be. you guys are just haters and hello, listen to dirty, who was copying her then. This is very similar to stripped with more electro elements. You guys are idiots. If you don’t like her music don’t listen to it. peace.

  • jonathan

    im sorry but i agree with everyone else christina could do so much better cute song but not her best work

  • albz

    it sounds samey, not quite original and forgettable, trying too hard in my opinion

  • PVN

    It's really lame. I hate it. It seems like she's trying to sound like our hit artists right now (Lady GaGa, Britney, Justin Bieber (yup!), and yes, I agree with the article, it has a VERY similar beat to Forever)…what a disappointment:(

  • Aria.M

    Forget the song or the fact that she does (a little) look like Lady Gaga….The Video is
    f-ing CRAP!! Christina IS a really talented singer no denying that but her video just sucks…What a surprise a Pop music video where the singer parade around in her underwear and latex touching herself and all! She could have come up with something better.

  • Dan

    I just saw the video and yes she is copying madonna in the video she is wearing some outfits that are almost exact knockoffs form madonna videos as well as the themes. Come on I expected more from Christina. Shes established enough to do her own thing. I love her voice theres no doubt her talent I just wish she wouldnt feel the need to completely bite other people. Youd think in her career and success shed be more comfortable in her own skin and voice.

  • ba

    stupid fans, jesus

  • jazzygirl3k

    did anyone KINDA get grossed out at how many times she kept touchng and kissing girls in this video

  • Megyn

    For everyone who keeps saying she copied Madonna in this video. If you look up the making of it Christina says so herself. Madonna was a major inspiration to her and she is paying tribute. She did it on purpose. Also, in the making, she states that she made the video right after filming Burlesque, and that also contributed alot of inspiration. Before you cast judgments on what an artist does, why not find out their purpose in doing it.