PHOTOS: Before She Stripped For “Window Seat”, Erykah Badu Loved Hats

Erykah Badu has always been a woman of conviction, finding a way to express her beliefs through her music or her activism. Most recently she channeled that energy into a controversial music video for her single “Window Seat”. In the clip, Badu stripped naked and walked nude through the Dallas plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. But it seems that, outside of creating thought-provoking art, the “First Lady of Neo-Soul”‘s first love is and always will be: hats. What kind of hats? All kinds. Floppy hats, baseball caps, knit caps, you name it. If it goes on your head, Erykah will probably wear it (and wear it well). Wondering what to get Erykah Badu for Christmas this year? Try a hat. Or a gift certificate to The Hat Store. Flip through this gallery for Erykah Badu wearing bowlers, derbys, fedoras, top hats, and more.