Ciara And The-Dream Leave Us “Speechless”

We know Ciara can do no wrong in front of the cameras, but what about in the studio? The R&B singer teamed up with The-Dream for “Speechless,” a single from her forthcoming fourth album (which will, not surprisingly, include production from The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, who oversaw much of Ciara’s Fantasy Ride). Listen to the mid-tempo love song below and see if you’re left bereft of words. 

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ciara feat. The-Dream – Speechless” dl=”0″]

Basically, we’re speechless, too, but only because we can’t find much to rave about. Nothing about this track excites us much—the lyrics are typical endless-love chatter (“I just want to be wherever you are…you’re so good to me”), the generic synth beat offers nothing new musically, and even Ciara’s lovely vocals are altered by Auto-Tune (yes, even the ladies love them some vocoders). There’s just no sizzle in this run-of-the-mill R&B song like there was when Ciara paired off with Justin Timberlake for “Love Sex Magic.”

The-Dream’s cameo helps, but not much—and we weren’t too fond of his collab with Drake on “Shut It Down,” either. Even if The-Dream retires like he hopes to do after dropping his next album, we really doubt he’ll stop guesting on these types of listless tracks. (Although he really should start being a little pickier.)

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