Lady Gaga Gets Kid-Friendly With Songs For Children’s Audiobook

Fox News might think Lady Gaga is “poisoning our children” (commence eye roll… now), but others are more than happy to bring Gaga’s pop into their kids’ lives. After the jump, listen to two tracks Gaga recorded back in her hair-bow-rocking days for children’s audiobook Portal in the Park (just don’t expect to hear the prequel to “Bad Romance” or anything stylistically like it).

Portal in the Park follows a young boy who falls down a portal in Central Park and goes on various strange and scary adventures. The book was written by Cricket Casey, and comes with an audiobook including seven hip-hop songs by Grandmaster Melle Mel. Two of those songs, “Fountain of Youth” and “World Family Tree” feature Lady Gaga, and were recorded sometime between her stint as Stefani Germanotta at NYC’s Bitter End and the time she started gyrating in music videos for singles off The Fame.

“Fountain of Truth”

“World Family Tree”
Okay, so these aren’t exactly masterpieces. We’re big enough fans of Lady Gaga to understand she wasn’t always at the forefront of pop music. In fact, every artist needs to power through a few gutters before they strike it big with a hit song. If not worthy of the Billboard chart or Grammy awards, these songs function as an interesting look back at a time when Gaga was still developing her signature sound. Who knew some day she would become such an inspiration to pantsless little girls everywhere?