Sky Ferreira Reveals The Secret (And Pretty Naughty) Life Of An American Teenager In ’17′ Video

Apr 6th, 2010 // 67 Comments
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You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve probably seen the oh-so-fashionable photos. Now here’s your chance to learn just why Sky Ferreira has attracted fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Idolator is proud to present the premiere of Sky’s brand-new video for “17″, the single from her forthcoming debut album. Sky, who actually is 17, fills the role of Lolita quite naturally in this clip, which shines a light on the “dirty little secret” of a reasonably innocent-looking school kid. Any idea what it could be?

Directed by Cass Bird (the fashion photographer and Sophomore label filmmaker), the video carefully keeps pace with Sky’s little piece of swervy electropop. Will it help Sky continue her streak of rave reviews? Probably. And that’s why expectations remain high for her debut, which is expected to include her work with Swedish superproducers Bloodshy and Avant, as well as The Teddybears, Linda Perry and The Bird And The Bee mastermind Greg Kurstin. (Hear her sterling voice on this cover of Miike Snow’s “Animal”).

Keep an eye on Sky’s Buzznet profile, where you can see behind-the-scenes photos from “17″.

  1. E.WONG

    if kesha is that jack daniels girl…… she's a skank!!!

  2. it's so sad that people like to bash a 17 year old.
    her music is 10x better than what these people can do.

    It's not autotuned and the majority of teenagers are like this.
    Maybe they're not whores, but they're all rebels in their own way. I personally am really in love with this.

  3. janicefrisch

    love this wonderful hott mess folks cause SKY so is the real meal deal and yeah BB's look out cause us Waffle Girls never die!!! MUAH! Gabba Gabba Eh!

  4. kella

    It’s not sad. Yes shes just 17, but shes acting like a adult, so shes going to be bashed like one. Shes really pretty but thats about it. I personally don’t see any talent. And teens like her ARE whores.

  5. sarajohnson

    do you live with her ???????or are you just jealous????

  6. blah

    its sad how people have to insult her constantly. they dont know her and they need to get a god damn life.

  7. titch

    she just looks like a copycat version of kesha… Talentless and messy. It's not even catchy, it's all over the place. Sorry but don't post it on the internet if you weren't expecting opinions.

  8. titch

    this is cringeworth, yes katy perry she is a teen witch + a slut lol.

  9. ashlee

    :/ what the? this isnt a real image of what 17 yr old life is like…

  10. areyoumental

    anyone who says 'kewl' should not have an opinion.

  11. Caitie

    This is mad wicked, and I know heaps of 17yo’s like this.

  12. yw

    Big fan of her music but this isn't one of her best. A little disappointed, really.

  13. koolchill

    She's hideous, has a horrible voice, I just like the point of this song :)

  14. MOLLY

    first of all this sky has had one boyfriend i know her went to school with her and she is not a slutt but we can see how jealous people are of her and talent are you deaf sky can sing better then what is out there in the music world i’m sure the people on here that are writting freaking jealous comments i’m sure your her stockers that she kicked to the curve a while ago … get ready there’s going to be alot more for you guys to be jealous of..soon

  15. SHe is seventeen years old and has not done a whole lot of living yet, however I bet she has a whole lot more sense than a bunch of 30 Plus people. I have know her since she was born and is she soooo talented and driven. So give it up and enjoy this young talent.

  16. Jason

    awful. a waste of time viewing this mess, really. please do us all a favor and never post such a trashy, talentless, cookie-cutter artist EVER AGAIN.

  17. Kaitlyn

    I am 17 and this is my exact secret. This video freiked me out because it’s true. I pretend I am my age in school and everything, but at night, I party and I can’t stop because it’s fun. It’s true, only a few people know. My last boyfriend was 21 and we hung out with all his friends in their 20′s. The only thing I need is a fake i.d. and I have a friend that can get me one too. The accuracy of this video is truly scary to me.

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